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Saturday 16th February 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: Zeedan discovers Rana's affair!

Poor Zee.

Zeedan Nazir is about the only resident on Coronation Street who doesn't know his wife Rana has been having an affair with her best friend, Kate Connor.

But the truth is about to come out in an explosive manner next week when Rana admits to Zeedan that she's in love with someone else!

Rana confesses she's in love with someone else (Credit: ITV)

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Rana's admission comes after she spots Kate out on a date with Sophie Webster and the women argue when Kate tells Rana she needs to stay away from her as she can't stand seeing her with Zeedan.

The nurse tells her husband that she's been having an affair for months before packing her bags up and telling him she's off to stay with her brother.

A furious Zeedan goes through Rana's things and finds a handwritten note on Bistro notepaper.

He puts two and two together and comes to the conclusion that Rana has been having an affair with Robert Preston.

She admits it's been going on for months (Credit: ITV)

You're way off the mark, Zee.

Zeedan storms over to the Bistro and accuses a stunned Robert of sleeping with his wife. But will Robert fill him in on who Rana really has been seeing?

Later, Robert follows his former colleague into No.6 and apologises for not telling him about Rana's affair.

His apologies fall on deaf ears as Zeedan turns to whiskey, intent on drowning his sorrows.

It's a double betrayal for Zeedan, who counted Kate as one of his best friends - overcome with pain he continues to hit the bottle. Hard.

Rana's news will drive Zeedan to drink (Credit: ITV)

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Robert and Rana try to get him to stop drinking, but he rounds on his wife, accusing her of never loving him.

Will Zeedan hit rock bottom? And what will happen when he comes face to face with Kate?

Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV