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Monday 20th January 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: Massive courtroom showdown ahead

Who will win?

New on-location filming shots have shown Anna Windass is set to face Pat Phelan in court.

The dastardly builder has framed Anna for pushing Seb Franklin off a ladder and it looks like, despite the fact she's innocent, Anna is set to face trial for her 'crime'.

The pictures show Anna actress Debbie Rush, plus Connor McIntyre (Pat Phelan), Mikey North (Gary Windass) and Ellie Leach (Faye Windass) outside the court getting ready for the scenes.

Anna is set to appear in court - thanks to Phelan's lies (Credit: ITV)

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It seems to be confirmation that Anna will not stop in her quest to see Phelan punished for all that he's done - including blackmailing her into sex, and murder (even though she doesn't actually know about the murder part yet).

Viewers know that Pat has set Anna up to take the rap for Seb's fall after convincing Seb Anna pushed him, and then planting one of the cafe worker's earrings at the crime scene.

The builder's now one of the key witnesses in the prosecution's case and could make or break this for Anna.

We’ll see her thinking that she’s still got hold of him.

Evil Phelan planted evidence to frame Anna (Credit: ITV)

Anna has maintained her innocence, but it seems the case will come to court - and we're not convinced she'll be able to keep her temper as she watches her arch-enemy lie on the witness stand to punish her.

Friday night's episodes will see Phelan try to convince Anna to play nice with him and he'll make sure the charges against her are dropped.

Phelan's going to try more blackmail on Anna (Credit: ITV)

He reveals that the pair of them are about to become grandparents as Nicola is carrying Gary's baby. He then offers Anna a deal - put their differences aside and work together to get Nicola to stay in town.

After confiding in Gary about Phelan's latest blackmail attempt, it looks like she decides not to agree to his demands and that's how she ends up in court.

Speaking on This Morning recently, Debbie explained: "She’s got a choice – does she give up all her good judgement and have an easy life? But her pride’s too big.

"We’ll see her thinking that she’s still got hold of him, because she knows he wants so desperately to get Nicola back in his life, she’s got a tiny bit of power left."

Debbie dropped hints about what's to come to Ruth and Eamonn (Credit: ITV)

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But we also know Debbie is leaving the Street after 10 years of playing Anna. She's set to exit the soap early next year - but will she go to prison?

Or could she finally beat Phelan at his own game and leave a free woman?

After years of being entangled in each other's storylines, it seems likely that one way or another Anna's departure will involve Pat Phelan...