Corrie SPOILER: Distraught Johnny spends the night with Liz

Johnny Connor is in bits and pushes wife Jenny away in Coronation Street

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Heartbroken Johnny Connor isn’t coping with the sudden loss of his son Aidan and begins to unravel next week as the reality of the tragic situation sinks in.

He begins to push everyone away and wife Jenny struggles to reach out to him, causing them to argue.

Johnny’s desperate to understand why Aidan would take his own life and insists that paying a visit to the flat will make things clearer, but once he’s there it’s too much and he suffers a devastating panic attack.

Johnny turns to Liz for comfort (Credit: ITV)

Michelle and Carla are then tasked with sorting through Aidan’s things and they find a handwritten note to Johnny.

With the rest of the Connor clan present he reads the note which simply says, ‘I’m sorry, Aidan.’

When Liz spots that he needs a shoulder to cry on, Johnny breaks down and tells her that Jenny’s getting on his nerves and that he feels like he’s failed his son.

Johnny is pushing Jenny away (Credit: ITV)

Liz holds him while he lets his grief out but back at home later, Johnny flips out when Jenny suggests he needs to see a doctor, and he flings a glass at the wall.

As the argument escalates, Jenny accuses him of wallowing in grief causing Johnny to storm out of the flat and head to Liz’s.

He spends the night at Liz’s – on her sofa – while Jenny is in bits after their row.

Eileen Grimshaw eventually helps Johnny see sense and after a chat with her he heads home and apologises to Jenny for pushing her away.

Will Johnny admit to being with Liz? (Credit: ITV)

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Jenny reassures Johnny that she loves him and asks where he spent the night.

Will he confess to spending it with Liz?

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