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Sunday 15th December 2019

Coronation Street's Kayla Westbrook exposed by Craig Tinker

Kayla's evil plan has been exposed but will Craig be able to stop her?

Coronation Street’s Craig Tinker is in for a shock this week when he discovers Kayla Westbrook is Neil Clifton’s daughter.

The police officer is going to be left horrified when he realises the girl he has been dating had an ulterior motive for getting to know him and his best friend Bethany.

Craig will be left devastated when he overhears Kayla's plan (Credit: ITV)

In scenes taken from Monday night’s episode, Kayla’s mum Marsha turns up to Speed Dahl and confronts her daughter about her scheme.

“You just happen to be friendly with the policeman from your dad’s trial?” Marsha asks her daughter before being dragged outside.

She adds: “Why would you make friends with him? Did your father put you up to this?”

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And as Kayla explains how she has gotten close to Craig to learn as much as she can about him and Bethany.

“I’m going to make sure he wins his appeal,” she tells her mum.

Kayla adds: “And that Bethany Platt is shown to be the lying [expletive] that she is.

Kayla's mum tried to stop her daughter's plan (Credit: ITV)

“That’s what this is about. He’s going to come home and we can be a proper family again, isn’t that what you want?“

But as Kayla’s mum begged her not to believe what her evil dad had told her, Kayla wouldn’t listen.

She insisted: “He’s my dad and I know that he’s telling the truth.”

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Corrie viewers were left shocked on Thursday when Kayla revealed her secret identity when she visited her evil dad in prison.

Neil was the police officer who helped groomer Nathan Curtis keep Bethany under his control.

He raped Bethany and then tried to stop her from reporting the crimes to the police by using his job.

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