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Friday 6th December 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: Geoff’s abuse takes a dark turn

Are his manipulative ways about to be exposed?

Next week's Coronation Street sees another twist in Geoff  Metcalfe's abuse of Yasmeen Nazir when he appears to be revealed as the thief who stole her jewellery and photographs.

This week will see Yasmeen enjoying herself as she spends time with granddaughter Alya and her friends as they party one evening... but Geoff isn't happy seeing Yasmeen letting her hair down and orders her to bed.

Geoff isn't happy when Yasmeen parties with Alya and her friends this week (Credit: ITV)

Friday 28th June will see Alya fall asleep on the sofa after the party, but while she is sleeping, a gloved hand is seen stealing jewellery and photographs from a draw in Yasmeen's house.

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Yasmeen is horrified next week when she discovers her precious belongings are missing, but instead of an intruder being guilty of the theft, it soon seems that Geoff might know more about the missing items than he's letting on.

Everyone is horrified to find jewellery and photos have been stolen next week (Credit: ITV)

Geoff is quick to point the finger of suspicion to Alya's DJ friends and she is mortified that Yasmeen's belonging have gone missing and offers to pay to replace everything.

Meanwhile, Geoff is happy when Yasmeen seems jumpy following the apparent break in, and he enjoys playing the hero as he changes the locks on the front door.

Alya and Ryan think Geoff is the one who stole the jewellery (Credit: ITV)

But as Ryan and Alya return home, they's shocked to see Geoff ahead of them pulling his phone out of his pocket, only for Yasmeen's necklace to also fall to the ground.

The pair are horrified and make Geoff turn out his pockets, convinced they have found their culprit. But as they confront Geoff, he manages to prove that he bought the necklace to replace the lost one of Yasmeen's... but is he telling the truth?

Geoff claims he's innocent, but is he? (Credit: ITV)

Geoff is angry that no one trusts him and tells Yasmeen and Alya that he is moving out. But Yasmeen seems to manage to talk him out of leaving because the following day Geoff is back to his manipulative ways, spoiling her with a champagne breakfast.

Geoff then tells Yasmeen that he has spoken to the insurance company and will be helping her to look after her finances.

Geoff tells Yasmeen he is taking control of her finances (Credit: ITV)

Yasmeen is grateful that Geoff has managed to save her £200 on her insurance, but there's a sinister twist when he 'accidentally' gives the company his bank details for the jewellery pay out, yet another way of him taking control of Yasmeen's every move.

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However that's not the end of Geoff's manipulation of Yasmeen. He also gets involved when Speed Daal receives a catering booking for a big charity fundraiser in town.

Geoff upsets Yasmeen by telling her she is too old to take on more work (Credit: ITV)

Yasmeen is thrilled by the prospect of getting involved in the big booking, but Geoff once again rains on her parade and tells her that she is too old to take on extra work and that she should leave Alya to take the booking.

With Geoff's non-physical abuse getting darker by the day, how long will it take anyone to realise what he's doing to Yasmeen?

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