Jennie McAlpine talks Jade Rowan’s shady intentions towards Fiz in Coronation Street

Just what is Jade up to?

Ever since Jade Rowan arrived in Weatherfield, Coronation Street fans have suspected the newcomer of cruel intentions.

Some even suspect she is keeping an explosive secret – that she is related to former Corrie killer John Stape.

Evelyn is SO on to you Jade! (Credit: ITV)

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The care worker who is currently living with Tyrone Dobbs, Fiz Brown and Weatherfield battleaxe Evelyn Plummer has been acting shiftily ever since she arrived in September – but why?

Actress Jennie McAlpine, who plays fan favourite Fiz, has lifted the lid on the shady housemate, saying Jade makes her feel “totally useless as a mother”.

Speaking on the storyline for the first time to, she said: “Fiz really likes Jade. After all, she brought Jade to Weatherfield to help with Hope.”

Does Jade fancy Tyrone? (Credit: ITV)

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She continued: “Fiz wants Hope to be okay, so she is happy that Hope responds to Jade, but she is gutted that Hope listens to Jade and not to her.

“It makes Fiz feel totally useless as a mother. Jade seems to have a great relationship with Hope and she can control Hope in a way that Fiz can’t.”

It makes Fiz feel totally useless as a mother.

On the huge fan reaction to the plot, she added: “People keep coming up to me in the street and saying ‘you’ve got to watch her, she’s after your Tyrone! Ooh, there’s something not right about Jade!'”

Next week, Fiz and Tyrone decide that they need to be tougher with Hope (Credit: ITV)

In next week’s episodes, Fiz and Tyrone break the news to Jade that her services will no longer be required, as they’ve managed to enrol Hope back into Bessie Street School.

However, Jade won’t leave that easily…

Jennie said: “Tyrone and Evelyn have both said that when Hope goes back to school Jade needs to be gone. Well, Evelyn wants her gone, like yesterday!

“Fiz does agree that when Hope goes back to school, there is no real need for Jade but she is worried that without Jade in the house, Hope may go back to how she was.”

John Stape Corrie Credit: YouTube/ITV
Is Jade a secret relative of John Stape? (Credit: ITV)

She added: “Fiz just wants everything to be nice. She just wants to be an ordinary mum with nothing horrible happening.

“She just wants two kids that go to school, argue a bit, she shouts at them but it’s all normal and just nice.

“She just wants everything to be okay, but I am not sure it’s going to be…”

A quiet life on the cobbles?! Give us a break! (Credit: ITV)

Ever since Jade, played by Lottie Henshall, moved into Fiz and Tyrone’s home to help tutor Hope, it’s been clear all is not what it seems.

Is she out to steal Tyrone from Fiz? Or are her motives far more sinister?

One fan predicted Jade will KILL Evelyn when her secret comes to light.

Could Jade really end up killing off Evelyn as she tries to take over Fiz’s family?

And why the obsession with Tyrone and Fiz in the first place? Is she a secret Stape as so many viewers predict?

Click here for the top five theories about Jade’s identity.

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