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It's war for Kat and Stacey

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Phil tries to put Louise off having her baby, Billy tells Honey the truth about Adam and Mick tries to win Spice Girls tickets in next week’s EastEnders.

Phil tries to convince Louise to have an abortion

Tensions simmer between Phil and Louise and things grow worse as Phil suggests to Louise that he pay for her to have an abortion. She’s horrified and tells her dad she’s keeping her baby.

She warns Phil if he tells Keanu, she will tell everyone he paid him to date her. However, Phil is determined to put her off.

Phil reveals all to Ben. He asks him to use Lexi to show Louise the difficulties of parenting.

Ben goes to see Louise. She sees through his efforts and gives him a stern reality check.

Ben opens up to Callum

Callum and Whitney have a housewarming party and things quickly get out of hand when a drunken Ben arrives. Later, Ben opens up to Callum about Paul.

The next day, Ben thanks Callum for his support but when Callum brings up Paul, Ben snaps and storms off.

Iqra reveals why she’s really on The Square


Mariam and Arshad realise there is more to Habiba and Iqra being on The Square than they’re letting on.

They are left stunned when Iqra reveals she ran away – she’s not going through with her wedding.

With Mariam’s words on her mind, Iqra calls her father to break the news.

Meanwhile as Honey prepares to move her things to Adam’s, Habiba confronts her secret lover about their future and pleads with him to leave Honey.

Billy reveals the truth to Honey

Honey frets about telling Billy she’s moving in with Adam the next day but is surprised at his accepting response.

After reluctantly accepting Billy’s invitation to a family meal, Honey is suspicious to find Billy alone and he quickly blurts out that Adam is cheating on her.

After telling Billy off for trying to ruin things, an upset Honey goes to see Adam at their new flat.

Lola tries to convince her that Billy wouldn’t lie to her about Adam.

Kat lets Kush’s plan slip

After deterring Kush from going for joint custody, Kat enlists Stacey’s help to prepare a meal to sort Kush and Martin’s feud. As they prepare the meal, Kat lets slip about Kush’s plan for custody of Arthur.

Stacey is furious and rushes to confront Kush. Martin and Kat are dragged into the argument and Kat is crushed when Stacey turns and says she’s no longer family.

The next day Stacey, Kat, Mo and Jean go to work cleaning the E20. Mo and Jean are taken aback by the frosty atmosphere between Kat and Stacey.

It’s clear Stacey is still angry with Kat. Will they make up?

Mick tries to win Spice Girl tickets

Linda worries about Ollie’s behaviour but Mick assumes she’s just disappointed about missing tickets to a Spice Girls concert.

Wanting to cheer her up, Mick enters a competition to win tickets and with Tina’s help he gets through to the next round.

Shirley and Tina enjoy helping Mick prepare for the next round of the competition. However, Mick loses to another caller, Terry.

Mick tries to track Terry down. After a wild goose chase, Mick finally finds him.

However, Terry refuses to give him the tickets. Meanwhile Tina decides to treat herself before her last shift at the cafe.

Shirley panics when she realises Tina is expecting a party to celebrate her last shift at the cafe leaving her to make last minute arrangements.

As Tina gets ready, Linda questions Mick’s behaviour and Tina reveals all about the concert tickets.

Touched, Linda repays Mick by singing his favourite song at the party. They are stunned when Terry arrives.

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