FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Corrie in 10 pictures

Could Peter and Simon set sail for foreign climes in 2019?

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In next week’s episodes of Coronation Street, Lewis makes his move, Jude is back up to his old tricks, and a familiar face to David leaves Billy all flustered…

Monday December 31

Coronation Street Carla Peter

Having got his own back on Dev and Kirk thanks to Carla’s help, Peter accepts her challenge to a game of snooker in the money pit hall he has bought.

As the game progresses and their chemistry is shown to be still very much alive, will they admit their feelings for one another?

Lewis shows his hand to Gail as he finds her alone in the garden watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Looming threateningly, he leaves her in no doubt he’s had just about enough of her interfering in his and Audrey’s life.

Could Kate and Rana reunite as the clock counts down to midnight and 2019?

Kate’s old flame Imogen kisses her on the cheek in the Rovers, much to Rana’s dismay. But will a tipsy Rana chase after Kate and confess she still loves her?

Tuesday January 1

Having revealed to Ken and Simon that he’s pulled out of the snooker hall sale, Peter is blown away when a gift from Carla turns up – and he immediately reveals his plans to sail off into the sunset.

Once the vessel is restored, Peter reveals he hopes to head off to the Caribbean with Simon. But does Carla still float his boat – and could she join them?

David’s shook up when his prison cellmate Paul turns up at the house and explains he’s looking for work.

Meanwhile, Gail suspects Lewis is ready to make his move – and a distraught Audrey is forced to admit her daughter may have been right all along after being stood up by her smooth-talking beau once again.

Wednesday January 2

Deluded Jude has been found living in Blackpool, but his whoppers haven’t got any less ridiculous.

Immediately requesting cash from mum Mary, her pal Roy realises Jude is still up to his old tricks when he overhears the compulsive liar telling new girlfriend Kelly he’s a surgeon… called Dr Ken Barlow!

Apparently subscribing to the idea of joining them if you can’t beat them, Emma knocks Chesney’s socks off when she dresses like Gemma, the target of his affections.

But while he is shocked, Gemma’s keen to be regarded as a style icon and tells Emma she looks amazing.

Ex con Paul is still looking for work but has no joy finding shifts at the Rovers.

Billy steps in and convinces Carla to take him on at Underworld, leaving Paul to view the vicar in a new light.

Friday January 4

Sally is feeling nervous for her safety when Abi gets out of prison next week.

And while Tim looks to force a confession out of Duncan, Gina’s impetuousness gets the better of her as she rifles through Imran’s private documents.

Have-a-go hero Chesney dives in to help Gemma as he spots a hooded figure trying to follow her into her flat.

Will he reveal the true identity of her stalker?

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