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Sinead's last Christmas?

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In next week’s festive episodes of Coronation Street, Gemma suspects Johnny of hitting Jenny, Sinead crumbles as Daniel voices his fears, and Gail becomes Weatherfield’s Miss Marple.

Monday December 24

Feeling guilty, hungover and doubting his marriage will survive, Tim tells Gina he’s disgusted he cheated on his wife with her sister.

Sophie is furious, especially after he fails to visit Sally – however, he plans to confess to her on Christmas Day itself.

With everything Sinead is suffering with, Daniel makes a rod for his own back by offering to host Christmas dinner for the family.

But will Ken, Adam, Peter, Beth, Kirk and Craig all enjoy his vegan dishes?

Dismayed that Liz will be around for Christmas after cancelling her and Eileen’s holiday, Jenny reaches for the nearest bottle of red.

When Johnny snaps at her during the pub quiz, Gemma suspects he has been treating his wife abusively.

Audrey decides she, Sarah, Nick and David will go to the Bistro for Christmas dinner to be near Bethany – but her grandkids aren’t keen.

That’s until she announces she will be sharing out her windfall from Archie Shuttleworth, leaving Lewis concerned.

Tuesday December 25

Tim delivers something to Sally that was certainly not on her list to Father Christmas: the news he slept with Gina.

But he receives a bombshell of his own after tucking into their festive dinner when Sophie reveals Gina has been meeting up with Duncan – and she’s also in love with Tim.

The vegan Christmas dinner proves too overwhelming for Sinead, and not just because of the sprouts.

She’s left in tears after she overhears Daniel confiding in Peter that he’s worried she’s going to die.

Gail finally makes her return from Milan as the rest of her family celebrate in the Bistro.

And Lewis manages to delete an incriminating message accidentally recorded onto Lily’s speaking teddy present.

Friday December 28

Gail turns detective and follows Lewis after sneaking a good look at his diary to see what he’s got coming up.

Tracking the smoothy conman to a posh hotel, she’s furious to see him wine and dine a glamorous companion.

Having been warned by Dev his new property is haunted, Peter is unsettled when he and Simon make some odd discoveries.

They find ‘666’ scrawled on the wall in chalk at the old snooker club – but is it really the work of an evil spirit?

After bungling her attempt to catch Lewis red-handed, Gail breaks the news to Audrey.

But will Lewis have an answer for everything when Audrey confronts him?

– Coronation Street airs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday during Christmas week!

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