FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Corrie in 10 pictures

Carla does some digging, but what will she discover?

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Nick’s keeping secrets and Carla’s determined to find out what they are, Gina can’t help herself, and Evelyn’s causing trouble in next week’s Corrie…

Monday November 5

Peter is stunned to hear from Johnny Carla still has feelings for him.

He takes her for a drink and asks her whether it’s true, but will she confess her love?

Rana returns and plans to propose to Kate – who’s also planning to propose to her!

They each produce a ring box and happily accept the other’s proposal – aw!

When Sally gets involved in prison politics, Gina isn’t impressed and tells her to stop playing the mayor.

Sally’s offended and tells her sister she wants nothing more to do with her.

Meanwhile, Dev believes there’s still a spark with him and Gina so invites her out for dinner.

But after her row with Sally, Gina finds Dev getting on her nerves so she storms out.

Wednesday November 7

Paula has a plan to get Sally out of prison and meets a fellow lawyer, Julian, in Speed Daal.

Sophie is annoyed when Paula treats her like a waitress, but is forced to apologise when she realises Paula’s trying to help her mum.

After chatting to Fiz, who’s worked out Gina’s feelings for Tim, Geoff, has also clocked Gina’s flirting.

He takes Tim to one side and warns him to be careful as Gina likes him.

When Evelyn shows off her new earrings, Fiz discovers she stole them from Vera’s jewellery box.

Tyrone confronts his grandma, but will he let her stay?

Friday November 9

Nick’s shocked when he sees Elsa arrive on the cobbles.

He manages to steer her away from Number 8, where she thinks he’s caring for his sick mum.

Carla delves into Nick’s business, but Elsa catches her and follows her to Roy’s flat.

Carla reveals she’s Nick’s business partner, will Carla find out the truth about Nick’s secret from Elsa?

Tim and Gina visit Sally and Gina soon realises Tim’s worked out she has feelings for him.

To throw him off the scent, she starts internet dating, but will her plan work?

Desperate for them to have a baby together, Kate tells Rana she’s been investigating IVF.

With Rana not keen on the idea of motherhood, will she tell Kate the truth?

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