FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Fiz gets the ultimate revenge on Jade

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Next week’s Coronation Street sees Fiz attack Jade with a chopping board, while Gemma and the quads are rushed to hospital after being caught in a house fire, and Tim’s wife, Charlie, arrives on the cobbles…

Fiz comes home

Tyrone is shocked to find Hope playing with a mobile phone, and soon discovers it’s Jade’s secret way of contacting her sister.

Evelyn and Tyrone discover messages from Jade promising Hope that they will run away together soon.

Tyrone finally gets Hope to tell the truth about the bruises and all charges are dropped against Fiz.

But once back home, Fiz is horrified to find Hope is missing.

Fiz attacks Jade

Fiz is convinced Jade has snatched Hope… but when Jade arrives at their house without the schoolgirl, Fiz sees red and attacks her with a chopping board.

Tyrone gets home to find Jade out cold on the floor and Fiz standing over her.

The police later come to question Fiz about Jade’s attack, but will Jade pull through? And where is Hope?

Gemma and the quads get rushed to hospital

Chesney is stunned to get home and find ‘paedo’ graffitied on the house and flames licking at the door.

Abi rushes over from the garage with a fire extinguisher, while Chesney tries to save Gemma and the quads.

Gemma is shocked to wake up and find the house on fire, and soon her and the babies are being taken to hospital to be checked over.

Chesney is fuming with Bernie for bringing trouble to their door, leading Bernie to make the shock decision to leave Weatherfield.

Tim’s wife arrives on the cobbles 

Tim is stunned to find his wife, Charlie, on the doorstep.

She soon admits she has lost both her jobs and now can’t afford to divorce Tim.

Charlie demands money from Tim before she will even think about signing the divorce papers.

Tim cobbles the cash together, but when he later visits the Rovers he’s shocked to find Charlie working behind the bar. What is she up to?

Bethany plans her exit from Weatherfield 

Bethany is annoyed when Ray gives Alya the role of Bistro manager instead of her.

She vents her frustrations at Daniel and he hints that she should spread her wings and leave Weatherfield. But will she listen?

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