FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Sinead's life hangs in the balance

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Time is running out for Sally, Sinead gives birth, and David gets devastating news in next week’s Coronation Street…

Monday January 14

Sophie finds May at the hospital enquiring after Duncan. She tricks May into her car and drives her away.

Tim later visits an injured Duncan, telling him they’ve got May and Duncan needs to do as he’s told to get her back. Tim tries to force Duncan to change his story, but he refuses.

May escapes from Sophie, but Gina tracks her down. She begs May to tell the truth for the sake of her own daughter. Will May confess?

Sinead finds out her cancer has grown and she must have radiotherapy, so they have to deliver the baby immediately.

As she prepares to give birth, her factory colleagues surprise her with a baby shower.

Daniel is by Sinead’s side as she’s wheeled into surgery. Sinead gives birth to a baby boy, who is quickly taken away to neonatal as Sinead passes out. Is Daniel set to lose them both?

Wednesday January 16

Sally is terrified when Marcia arrives in her cell. Marcia pulls a knife out and lunges at Sal. Will she be okay?

Meanwhile, Tim’s furious with Imran and Gina. He rails at them in the pub for their part in having Sally banged up.

Tracy is struggling with Steve’s libido and suggests they try for a baby to put him off sex. But will it backfire when Steve isn’t totally against the idea?

Ken meets his grandson for the first time and hugs an emotional Daniel.

The new dad admits just how scared he is, but his fear is heightened when the doctor tells him they need to examine the baby privately.

Daniel sits by Sinead’s bedside as she recovers.

The couple decide to name their new son Bertie, but when Sinead asks if Bertie is okay, will Daniel be honest with her that their son has a bowel condition?

Friday January 18

Audrey discovers she has dry rot that will cost thousands to fix and she’s forced to sell her share of the salon to Claudia to pay for it.

David, who thought he was inheriting the salon, is furious when Audrey breaks the news, and lashes out. He tells Claudia she can stick her job.

David and Nick take Audrey to the empty premises on Victoria Street, and much to her surprise, they tell her they’re opening a barbers’ shop there.

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