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Wednesday 19th February 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Will David get out of prison in time for his wedding?

Next week's Coronation Street sees David and Shona's wedding day arrive, while Gary and Ali go head-to-head over Maria, and Robert's two worlds start to collide...

David and Shona tie the knot?

Nick decides it is time to bury the hatchet with David and poses as Josh's solicitor so he can visit him and beg him to change his statement.

But before he can get in to see Josh, Billy catches him in the act.

Shona is upset when Gail tells her she has cancelled the wedding because it is clear David won't be getting out of jail in time.

Now that David is facing trial for the attempted murder of Josh, Shona wonders if Gail was right and she packs away their wedding rings, disappointed.

But later she gets a phone call to say there is new evidence and that David will be coming home after all.

Shona announces that the wedding is back on, but Gail and Sarah secretly share a concerned look.

Will David make it out of prison in time, or is Shona setting herself up for heartbreak?

Kevin and Abi go on a date 

Brian isn't impressed when Abi goes on a date with Kevin the night before her maths GCSE, especially when she gets drunk instead of revising.

Sally makes a dig at Abi, telling her she is only interested in Kevin now that he has come into some money.

But Abi is fuming at her comments and throws a bowl of spaghetti bolognese over her.

Gary targets Ali 

When Gary sees Ali confiding in Maria that he is jealous of Gary and shouldn't have dumped her, Gary is fuming to see them getting close again.

Wanting revenge, Gary meets with a private detective and asks him to do some digging on Ali.

After discovering Ali's secret painkiller addiction, Gary finds the hospital drug dealer and ties him up before demanding he dishes the dirt on Ali.

Later Ryan tells Ali that he should take threats from Gary seriously, but Ali doesn't listen and goes into the empty furniture shop and finds Gary's ledger.

Ali threatens Gary telling him that Maria will be interested to know that he's been working as a loan shark. Has Ali got the upper hand on Gary?

Robert's two worlds collide 

Robert is horrified to see Tyler on Coronation Street, especially when it turns out he has been visiting Amy because the pair of them have become friends again.

Wanting to keep Tyler as far away from Michelle as he can, Robert calls Steve and tells him about Amy and Tyler's friendship.

Michelle is confused about why Robert would get involved in Amy and Tyler's friendship... little does she realise he knows Tyler much better than she thinks!

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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