FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

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There’s drama in Coronation Street when David comes face-to-face with rapist Josh, Shona makes a huge mistake with Max, and Gemma ends up front page news in the Weatherfield Gazette.

Max runs away 

Harry is knocked unconscious at home and ends up being rushed to hospital, and Shona immediately blames Max for the accident.

But for once Max is innocent and Lily is to blame for the incident.

However, Shona turns on Max and is soon left regretting her actions when he runs off.

Shona is shocked when Max’s grandmother Marion arrives on the warpath.

She tells Shona that an upset Max is staying with her and she’s going to fight for custody of her grandchildren.

David comes face-to-face with rapist Josh 

David is stunned when he sees a battered and bruised Josh in the prison medical room and soon his past is coming back to haunt him as memories of what happened last year return.

Will he take the chance to get the ultimate revenge on the man who nearly ruined his life?

Gemma becomes front page news 

Gemma is thrilled when she wangles some VIP tickets for the latest Weatherfield County football match.

But her joy soon turns to horror when she gets stuck in the turnstiles at the football ground.

Gemma is mortified when firemen are called to set her free and her picture ends up on the front page of the Gazette.

Gemma becomes a local celebrity and meets with a PR agent for advice and the agent tells her she could make a fortune selling her story.

But it seems the shock of making so much money is too much for Gemma when she starts to get stomach pains.

Are the babies on their way?

The end is near for Sinead 

Sinead goes along to a family picnic but it soon becomes clear she is too poorly for the simplest of tasks.

Aware that she won’t see Christmas, Sinead’s family decide to celebrate early this year. Will she be happy with their plan?

Bethany puts her heart on the line 

Bethany asks James about the politics of being a professional footballer and says it would make a great article.

But when she struggles writing the story, Brian urges Bethany to write about something close to her heart.

Bethany shows her story to James and he immediately realises that she has written about her secret feelings for Daniel.

James promises to keep her secret safe… but will Daniel read it and work out the truth?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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