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Friday 21st February 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Adam closes in on Gary

Next week's Coronation Street sees Adam get proof that Gary is trouble after he beats Ryan up, while Chesney and Gemma get bad news about their babies...

Adam closes in on Gary 

Gary is fuming when he discovers Ryan has got a job as a DJ at a hotel and demands he hands over the cash he owes him.

The pair have a stand off in an alleyway behind the hotel.

Ryan tells Gary that the job at the hotel is an unpaid gig, and Gary sees red, giving Ryan a battering.

Ryan gets his hands on £200 and begs Gary to accept that for now. Later when Ryan goes to the pub with his face all battered, he lies that he was mugged.

But Adam doesn't believe Ryan's mugging story, and he confronts him about what really happened.

However, Ryan remains tight-lipped and stands by his mugging lie.

Adam's private detective takes photos of Gary beating Ryan, but will anyone believe Adam's claims when he shows everyone the pictures in the pub?

Meanwhile, Gary threatens Derek that the same will happen to him if he doesn't get away from Izzy.

Gemma and Chesney get bad news 

Gemma and Chesney are upset when a scan reveals one of their babies is a lot smaller than the others.

But while the hospital tell them not to panic, the pair can't help but fear the worst.

Fiz caught out

Tyrone is convinced Fiz is hiding something after catching her on the phone to a mystery caller.

He confronts her in the pub, but is Fiz having an affair?

Paul makes shocking discover about Kel

Billy is puzzled to see Paul playing happy families with Kel. But the good mood doesn't last long.

When Bernie gets out some old family pictures, Paul is shocked to see just how young he was when he last saw Kel.

Later Billy finds Paul knocking back vodka, horrified as memories from his past come flooding back.

Max causes more trouble 

Max gets upset when he overhears Audrey telling Bethany that she wouldn't blame Shona for  leaving. Later on, Audrey's confused when some hair dye gives Cathy hideous black roots.

It doesn't take long for Audrey to realise that Max has tampered with the dye and marches him back to Shona for a talking to.

Shona is out of her depth and tells Max they're going to the prison to tell David the truth.

But once they arrive, how will David react when Shona tells him she's been keeping secrets?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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