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Sunday 26th January 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Next week's Coronation Street sees Sinead get the news that she only has months to live, Gemma makes a shock discovery about Bernie, and Ali collapses as he goes cold turkey from drugs...

Sinead and Daniel's wedding turns into a living nightmare 

Daniel is stunned when he arrives at the Bistro and realises Sinead has planned a surprise wedding.

He is overwhelmed when he sees Sinead in her wedding dress and the pair couldn't be happier that they're about to make their marriage official.

Sinead's world collapses when Beth helps do her hair and discovers a lump in her neck.

Sinead breaks the shocking news to Daniel, who is heartbroken and wants to take her to the hospital immediately, but Sinead wants them to enjoy the rest of their wedding as best they can and the pair paint a smile on their faces as they cut the cake.

The pair tie the knot, but as they celebrate, they know they're already on borrowed time.

Daniel rushes out, overwhelmed with what is happening. But after he composes himself, he returns to make an emotional speech and the pair dance through their tears.

After a scan, Daniel and Sinead's worst fears are confirmed when the doctor reveals Sinead's cancer is not only back but it has also spread.

The pair are stunned as the doctor tells them Sinead only has a few months to live.

Daniel and Sinead head home and tell their family the heartbreaking news.

The pair are beside themselves with grief, knowing that their future is about to be cut short. Sinead admits she regrets delaying her chemo, but Daniel points out that if she hadn't, they wouldn't have Bertie.

Robert spends the night with Vicky 

Robert is annoyed with Michelle over her work deal and heads to Vicky's, asking if he can stay the night.

Meanwhile, Michelle heads to a hotel for a business meeting with Ray, but is shocked when she arrives and he's wearing nothing but a towel. Ray offers Michelle an indecent proposal... but what will she say?

Ali's drug collapse 

After a disastrous night away in a romantic hotel, Maria thinks Ali is over doing it at work and takes him some lunch. Little does she realise he is having withdraws symptoms from his drug use.

Ali is horrified when his dealer gets arrested at work and starts to panic about where he'll get his next fix from.

Ali heads to the doctors, but she sees through his attempts to cover up his withdrawal symptoms.

The doctor tells Ali to get professional help, and he is forced to head home empty handed.

Ryan is shocked to get home and find Ali collapsed on the floor.

He calls an ambulance, but Ali covers his symptoms and sends them on their way, Eventually Ali admits to Ryan he has been taking drugs and Ryan agrees to help him.

Gemma discovers the truth about Bernie 

Gemma finds out the truth about her mum's money making scam while they're out shopping. Bernie tries to leave the shop but she is stopped by a security guard - who turns out to have a familiar face.

It turns out the guard is an old flame of Bernie's and she invites him round for tea as a thank you for not having her arrested.

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