FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Hope's causing trouble again

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Hope gets trapped in a fire, Emma and Steve bond, and Bethany and Daniel share a forbidden moment in next week’s Coronation Street.

Hope puts lives in danger 

As Fiz and Tyrone argue they realise that Hope has gone missing and, as Tyrone rounds up a search party, Fiz calls the police.

Maria and Ali are passing the factory and hear Hope’s call for help from inside. Ali races to save Hope and is shocked to see her surrounded by burning boxes.

Ali is intent on rescuing Hope from the burning building and there is relief all round when he races out with her in his arms.

The police are soon on the scene and Hope is questioned about the fire. She claims she saw two lads running away from the factory before the blaze started.

But Tyrone realises Hope is lying and that something about her story doesn’t add up.

Soon Fiz, Tyrone and Evelyn sit down to talk about what to do next with Hope, but it is clear their problems are far from over.

Emma scatters her dad’s ashes  

Emma reveals her dad wanted his ashes scattered at Weatherfield County’s ground and Steve asks for James and Michael’s help.

But when they arrive, it looks like their plan might fail when they meet a security guard who demands to know what they’re up to.

Steve pleads Emma’s case to the guard and he takes pity on them, letting them onto the pitch to scatter Emma’s dad’s ashes.

Emma is thrilled as they make a toast to her dad.

When she realises it was Steve who got them access to the pitch, Emma is touched by the effort that Steve has gone to for her.

Sean gives Jan a warning 

Eileen tells everyone she is going on holiday, when in reality she is secretly going into witness protection with Jan.

Sean is horrified and thinks Eileen is making a huge mistake, so he goes to see Jan to tell him if he really loves Eileen like he says he does, then he’ll let her go.

Will Jan listen?

Emma and Steve bond 

Amy is keen to get to know her new sister and invites Emma for tea.

Emma is uncomfortable as Steve and Tracy fuss around her and she makes her excuses to leave.

Later she returns and has a heart to heart with Steve, telling him that while he will never replace her dad, she would like them to be friends.

Steve is thrilled that things are going well between them.

Daniel and Bethany have a ‘moment’

After a fight with Sinead about their upcoming wedding, Daniel confides in Bethany and they get closer.

As the pair have a ‘moment’ it seems they might kiss. But will Daniel really cheat on Sinead?

Sinead arrives at the Bistro and catches a look between Daniel and Bethany, but as she confronts the pair they cover what happened.

As Sinead and Daniel make up, Sinead later confesses to Bethany that she hasn’t cancelled the wedding after all and is planning to surprise Daniel.

But does Daniel have secret feelings for Bethany?

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