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Thursday 5th December 2019

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Bethany sees a familiar face

Steve reveals the truth to Emma, Bethany's past comes back to haunt her, Shona struggles with Max's behaviour, and a huge secret about the Baileys is revealed in next week's Coronation Street.

Steve does a DNA test

Steve takes Emma for lunch in the Bistro. Pretending she's got something in her hair, he yanks out a tuft.

When Emma is in the loo, Steve puts the hair in a plastic bag.

Later, Steve confides in Liz that he's sent Emma's hair for DNA testing.

Steve reveals the truth to Emma

Emma meets up with her brother Morgan for the funeral but is shocked to see a video from her mum which proves Morgan also knew her dad wasn't her biological father.

Upset she sends her brother away.

Steve arrives at the church with a wreath and seeing Emma upset he tells her he has done a DNA test and he is her real dad.

News of Steve's paternity spreads with varying reactions and Emma decides to Skype her mum.

Emma decides to leave Weatherfield

Blaming Audrey for keeping her in the dark, Emma announces she is leaving Weatherfield and packs her bags.

Despite everyone, including her newfound half-sister Amy, persuading her to stay, Emma sadly says her goodbyes to Maria, Gemma and Chesney.

Amy tells Steve and Tracy they have to sort it out as Emma is part of the family.

Amy and Tracy set off to find Emma and they soon find her upset on the station platform.

Bethany's past comes back to haunt her

Bethany is shocked when a family arrive for dinner at the Bistro and she recognises the dad as a man from Nathan's parties.

She confides in Daniel, but asks him not to say anything.

Daniel oversteps the mark for Bethany. The family soon leave the Bistro.

Craig's run over

As the family leave, rowing over what has been said, Craig is knocked down by the angry wife as she puts her car in reverse.

Bethany is devastated that Craig has been caught up in her past again.

Bethany tells Daniel she's decided she's going to write up her experience with Nathan as it might help other girls avoid falling into the same trap. Daniel's impressed.

Max attacks Nick

Nick finds Max in Victoria Gardens smashing up plant pots.

When he tries to stop him, Max takes a swing at Nick, blaming him for the fact David's in prison.

Meanwhile, Shona and Billy are preparing for Lily's birthday party.

Max is playing up and pretending to take his ADHD medicine, but really he's pocketing the tablets.

Shona is at the end of her tether

When Nick arrives with Lily's present, Max kicks off and Shona has to ask everyone to leave.

Shona is furious as Max for ruining Lily's party. She admits to Audrey and Sarah that he has been like this for weeks and she is at the end of her tether.

Checking his medicine box she finds it empty but Max produces a packet from his pocket and insists he is taking them.

Ed needs cash

When Aggie's card is refused in the corner shop, she tackles Ed suspecting he is up to his old tricks.

Ed assures her it's nothing more than a cash-flow problem, but he soon admits to Michael he's in a financial hole and £5k would sort it out.

Michael seeks out James to tell him they need to borrow £5k to get his dad out of trouble.

Ed agrees to letting James lend him £5k but once the first installment is transferred, Michael finds Ed staring at a gambling site.

Breaking down, Ed says it's time for him to tell Aggie that he was to blame for them losing everything, not Michael.

Ed and Aggie are reunited, much to the delight of their sons.

Geoff keeps his eye on Yasmeen

Yasmeen is horrified to discover that Geoff has set up security cameras all over the house for her safety.

When she says doesn't want them, Geoff accuses her of not considering his feelings and says it's over between them.

Geoff dismantles the cameras and goes to stay at Tim's, telling Yasmeen she's not good for his mental health.

He tells Tim that behind closed doors Yasmeen is a nightmare and undermines him at every opportunity, but as Tim leaves, Geoff opens his laptop and starts watching Yasmeen on a camera he has left hidden on the bookshelf.

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