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Emma's mum is a former Coronation Street resident...

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Emma’s dad makes a shocking confession, Steve realises he could have another child, Robert’s web of lies gets tangled and Dev returns from India with Asha in next week’s Coronation Street.

Emma’s dad makes a confession

Maria takes Emma to the hospital where the doctors break the news that her dad’s cancer is terminal. Audrey turns up at the hospital to comfort Emma and Maria leaves.

As Emma’s dad drifts in and out of consciousness, he tells Emma that he always loved her as if she was his own.

Having phoned her mum, a tearful Emma confides in Audrey that her dad isn’t her biological dad and her mum has been lying to her for 20 years.

Audrey recognises Emma’s mum…

When Emma’s phone rings she sees it’s her mum and ignores the call. As the picture of Emma’s mum flashes on the screen, Audrey’s shocked to recognise Fiona Middleton.

A devastated Emma is told her ‘dad’ has died and in the Rovers Audrey tells Liz that Emma’s mum is Fiona and that her dad is not her real dad.

As Liz and Audrey do the maths, they realise that Steve could be her father!

Emma tells Audrey she has no desire to trace her real dad as she loved the man she thought was her father and wants to respect his memory.

Meanwhile she tells Steve that her mum lives abroad but was originally from Weatherfield and is called Fiona Middleton. Liz tells a stunned Steve that he probably has another daughter.

Audrey is angry to discover Liz has been gossiping about Emma’s dad and Steve confides in Tim that he may be Emma’s dad.

Steve is going to the airport to collect Tract when he sees Emma crying at the bus stop. He offers to take her to the chapel of rest but when she can’t afford a nice coffin for her dad, he slips the undertaker £600.

Tracy and Amy arrive back from their holiday and Tracy confronts Steve demanding to know why he’s cleared out the joint account and spent £600.

Steve spins a yarn to Tracy about having to help with the funeral of a family friend. Meanwhile Emma is grateful to Steve for helping her, oblivious to the fact he may be her old man.

Jed hits Robert

Robert takes Vicky on a shopping trip but is frustrated when they get home, a Tyler and his dad Jed arrive. Robert is scathing and Jed punches him.

As Vicky tends to Robert she tells him if he offers her something better she won’t move to Ireland.

Robert discovers Vicky is on her way to Weatherfield… will he manage to intercept her in time before she spills the beans to Michelle?

Robert’s web of lies gets tangled

As Robert heads out Michelle asks him to take her engagement ring to be resized. When Tyler calls Robert to say they are leaving, Robert heads straight over.

An angry Vicky tells him to leave and refuses to be his dirty little secret any longer but as he leaves she finds something which changes her mind.

Robert then finds himself in a very tricky situation with Michelle and Vicky…

Nick takes Gary up on his offer

When Nick takes Gary up on the £10k offer from Derek for the land and accepts the £100k estimate it will cost to do the factory, Sarah is suspicious.

Gary employs Ed to oversee the rebuild and gives Seb a job as a labourer.

Adam tells Sarah that Derek has been involved in a few dodgy business schemes that have gone bust but when she confronts Gary he threatens to pull the plug on the whole deal.

Nick and the factory lot tell Sarah her dislike for Gary is putting all their jobs in danger and she soon backs down shaking hands with Nick, agreeing to run the factory together and pay the rent to investor Derek.

Dev returns

Dev returns from India with only Asha and reveals to Mary he’s at his wits’ end as she has been a nightmare.

Steve tells Dev about Evelyn’s gambling sideline. Dev falls out with Evelyn and Mary vows to get to the bottom of what’s troubling Asha, by bringing her out of her shell.

What is Asha hiding?

With profits up, Dev begs Evelyn to return. Asha returns home and assures Dev she’s had a lovely day.

When she drops her bag and the contents spill out, she quickly scoops up a tub of skin-lightening cream. She hopes her dad hasn’t spotted it.

Bernie has a plan to make money

Gemma returns home desperate for a wee; handing her a bucket, Bernie tells her the loo is broken.

Bernie then uses Gemma’s wee to produce a stack of positive pregnancy tests and takes a picture on her phone.

Gemma introduces Michael to Bernie and explains he’s come to fix the loo but when Gemma is gone, Bernie admits to Michael she blocked the loo to harvest Gemma’s wee and sell positive pregnancy tests on the internet.

Michael is gobsmacked, but advises Bernie that if she wants to make serious money then she should buy the pregnancy kits in bulk and sell them on a legitimate site and agrees to go into business with her for 25% of the profits.

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