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Friday 6th December 2019

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Carla and Peter are back!

Carla returns, Nick and David discover their fate, and Geoff's behaviour gets worse in next week's Coronation Street.

Carla returns

Adam tells Sarah Carla is coming home and Sarah worries she'll want the factory back.

Sarah calls the workers together and informs them of Carla's impending return.

Peter and Carla return, and Carla heads to see her staff at the community centre.

She announces she's gifting them her factory shares.

Peter questions whether her psychosis is causing her to act rashly, but she insists it's the right thing to do.

Nick plays dirty

Nick approaches Audrey in the cafe. He wants to build bridges, but Audrey isn't interested.

Paula reminds Nick he's in breech of his bail conditions.

Later, Nick gives Leanne a bracelet for her birthday and suggests a get together, but is disappointed when no one shows up.

He heads round to confront his family and after another fight with David, Nick confesses to Leanne his brain injury makes him lash out and he wishes he could control it.

When David hears his brother's latest excuse, he's fuming. He insists if Nick can lie in court, then so can he.

The verdict is in on David and Nick

Gail tries to get the family together to iron out their differences, but it results in another row.

With Nick and David still at loggerheads, the boys head to court.

As David and Nick await the outcome of their trial, Gail shows support to her sons.

What will the verdict be?

Geoff's suspect No.1

Yasmeen is horrified to discover jewellery and photos missing.

Geoff blames Alya's DJ mates for the robbery.

Alya goes in search of her mates, but when she and Ryan return, they spot Geoff acting suspiciously.

They're shocked when he pulls his phone out of his pocket and Yasmeen's bracelet falls out.

Ryan and Alya make Geoff turn out his pockets.

He produces a receipt proving he bought the jewellery to replace Yasmeen's stolen valuables.

Angry Geoff threatens to move out.

Geoff continues to control things

Geoff tells Yasmeen he's saved her over £200 on her home insurance.

He also reveals he's given the old insurance company his bank details for the pay out by 'accident'.

The next day, Yasmeen is offered some outside catering work, but is hurt when Geoff tells her she's too old. She tells Alya to take the work, but she'll have to opt out of helping.

Can Alya get her gran out of Geoff's grasp before it's too late?

Maria finds a man?

It's clear Ali likes Maria - even her son, Liam has spotted it, but Maria hasn't.

In the pub, she moans to Ali about her non-existent love life, but fails to take the hint when he suggests he likes her.

Sean suspects Paul

Sean and Paul are at loggerheads when Sean thinks Paul has ruined his date.

Meanwhile, Paul's fed up of Sean always tagging along with him, Billy and Summer.

When Sean spies Paul with a dodgy mate, he jumps to the conclusion Paul stole the medical centre charity box.

The police question Paul, who's fuming and has a go at Sean.

Later, Sean is punched in the face by a mystery assailant.

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