FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Will Audrey be able to forgive her grandsons?

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Sarah takes over the factory, Nick tells Leanne the truth and Chesney and Gemma receive big news in next week’s Coronation Street.

Sarah is in charge

With Nick looking more and more like he was involved in an insurance scam Gary wastes no time in reminding everyone that Nick had the health and safety report in his bag.

Sarah tells Nick she wants nothing more to do with him and she will run the factory.

Leanne is furious and tells Sarah she doesn’t have the authority to pay the wages. Gary tells Sarah he’ll get rid of the passports she took from Rick’s office.

Sarah is struggling to pay the wages. She’s shocked when Gary tells her he sold everyone their passports back.

He hands her the cash for the wages and Sarah has no option but to accept. She is uneasy but grateful to Gary.

Gail begs Audrey to drop the charges

Nick is still putting pressure on David to take the rap in return for the business. The police show up and arrest David and Nick on suspicion of theft.

The police tell David that Nick has pointed the blame at him – but having already transferred the deed for the barbers, David decides the police need to know what Nick’s doing.

When Gail finds the brothers arguing and blaming each other, she begs Audrey to drop the charges for the sake of the family.

Ken recounts all the dreadful things his family have done over the years and how forgiveness is the only remedy. Audrey is given food for thought.

Determined to put things right, David tries to track down Natalie. He also hands Audrey a legal document and explains he’s put the barbers into her name leaving Audrey gobsmacked.

Nick tells Leanne the truth

As Nick goes to court, Liz tells Leanne she has to put herself and Oliver first. When Nick returns home he finds Leanne with her bags packed and realises it’s time to come clean.

As he admits that with Natalie he stole Audrey’s money, but David blackmailed him into using it to buy the barbers, Leanne’s horrified.

Meanwhile David is annoyed he has to sign in at the police station every day while they await trial but Nick’s exempt.

Gemma and Chesney are expecting more than one baby…

When Gemma’s morning sickness becomes so bad she collapses, Chesney takes her to the hospital. Gemma reminds Chesney that she has a family history of twins.

But it looks like there will be more than double trouble as they’re expecting quads. As the news sinks in they’re given information on multiple births and selective termination.

They both agree they couldn’t go through a selection process and want all the babies to have a chance.

Gemma’s gutted when Rita reluctantly admits her flat is too small and she’s too old to cope with four babies.

When Chesney suggests Gemma move back in to No.5 she’s not keen. Jenny starts a collection  to support Gemma and Ches.

Carla is going to a unit in Carlisle

Peter visits Carla. The doctor explains that they’ve found a place for her at a special unit, but it’s in Carlisle. Peter rings Roy to tell him Carla’s being moved to Carlisle and he’s going with her.

Peter hands over a stack of mobile phones and explains he found them in Carla’s bag. Roy promises to track down the owners.

Coronation Street Simon Barlow

As the family see Peter off on his trip to Carlisle, Simon announces he’s coming with him. Peter’s touched.

They set off. Will Carla get the treatment she needs?

Norris is leaving

Mary is devastated when Norris tells her he is moving to Edinburgh to marry Freda.

As Norris’s friends gather in the Rovers for his farewell party, Rita finds Norris frantically searching for his Commonwealth Games medal.

He soon finds his medal and wears it proudly around his neck as he attends his party. They begin to reminisce about old times and it dawns on Norris how much he’s going to miss everyone – will he have a change of heart?

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