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Who's in the urn?

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Norris returns, Paula and Sophie reunite, and Asha is hiding a secret phone in next week’s Coronation Street.

Norris is back!

Mary is enraged to see Freda showing an estate agent into number 3. With no word from Norris, she chats to Tracy who suggests Freda has done away with him.

Mary dashes to the house where she’s horrified to see the urn. She runs outside hysterical with Freda running after her as a a car pulls up.

Norris steps out. But if he isn’t dead, whose urn is it?

He reveals to Mary that he and Freda are engaged and he wants a divorce so he can marry her. Suspicious of Freida’s motives and spotting her diamond bracelet, Mary accuses her of being a gold digger and refuses to grant the divorce.

Mary discovers Norris has been hiding a huge secret

Freda shows Rita a pile of letters addressed to Mary that Norris had hidden at number 3. Meanwhile Mary tells Norris she cares for him and that he shouldn’t marry Freda.

Rita reads the letters and realises they’re from Mary’s old flame Brendan, who is clearly still in love with Mary. The last letter includes an engagement ring.

Mary confides in Rita that she has left a message on Brendan’s phone explaining she’s only just read the letters and accepts his marriage proposal. Norris apologises to Mary for hiding the letters but insists he was trying to protect her.

Her heart leaps when she receives a text from Brendan suggesting they meet.

Norris assures Mary he didn’t want Brendan to hurt her again and was looking out for her as a friend, but Freda’s furious realising Mary means more to Norris than she does.

Paula returns

Sophie is put out when Sally reveals she’s meeting Paula in the bistro. Over dinner Paula asks about Sophie and is disappointed to learn she turned down the offer of joining them.

Paula calls at Speed Daal to see Sophie and it’s clear they’ve missed each other. Paula invites Sophie to join her on a pony trekking holiday in Spain and she’s thrilled.

Ryan asks Alya out

Bethany hands a downbeat Ryan a flyer for a club in town and reveals how she’s bigged him up to the owner and secured him a gig. He thanks her for her efforts but reckon’s he’s too out of touch and wouldn’t be any good.

Alya books Ryan for the DJ gig at Speed Daal and he thanks Bethany for her help and encouragement, but as he moves in for a kiss she recoils. Thinking she isn’t interested Ryan flirts with Alya who agrees to go on a date with him.

Bethany opens up to Ryan

Bethany confides in Sarah that she does really like Ryan. She gets Ryan to the salon flat saying she owes him an explanation about her behaviour.

She bares her soul to him and explains why she was scared. They kiss and move to the bedroom.

But their relationship could be over before it’s begun…

The next day, Alya is hurt to see Ryan and Bethany on the street clearly loved up. Ryan begs Alya to keep quiet about him asking her out.

But Bethany does discover the truth. Ryan assures her he only asked Alya out because she made it clear she wasn’t interested.

Haven forgiven him, Alya offers Ryan a regular DJ set at Speed Daal and urges him not to give up on Bethany.

Geoff isn’t having much luck

Geoff persuades Tim not to come for dinner so he can prepare a romantic meal for him and Yasmeen. When Alya leaves feeling like she isn’t wanted Yasmeen is disappointed, causing Geoff to lose his temper accusing her of never wanting to spend time alone with him.

He storms out but Yasmeen apologises and asks him to come back to the house. Later, he is left angry again when Alya books Ryan for the DJ set instead of him.

Is Asha hiding something?

Dev warns Aadi and Asha that depending on how they do in their school tests he’ll be adjusting their pocket money accordingly. When Amy tries to set Asha and her crush Corey up on a date, he makes it clear he only has eyes for Amy, leaving Asha upset.

Dev is concerned  when he receives a phone call from the school explaining Asha missed her exam. When Aadi reveals she spends all of her time on Snapchat rather than revising, Dev confiscates her phone, but out of sight Asha pulls a spare phone from her pocket.

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