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Monday 14th October 2019

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Will Peter be able to track Carla down?

Peter continues to look for Carla, Bertie's christening doesn't go to plan, and Gemma makes a discovery in next week's Coronation Street.

Peter looks for Carla

When Simon suggests using social media and putting out a photo with #findcarla, Peter is sceptical until a notification pops up from someone claiming to have seen her. The message is from a guy from Carla's old estate and says he will help for cash.

Ken insists they should call the police but Peter wants to go alone. He arrives at a derelict house with a wad of cash, but later is forced to turn to the police, who inform him that Carla used her card to withdraw money from a cash machine on the estate.

Peter goes back to the squat accompanied by Johnny and gets heavy with one of the squatters. Johnny drags him off the man and Peter gives them his phone number before leaving.

Will the search for Carla turn up some answers at last?

Gemma gets huge news

Chesney is upset when Gemma is too ill and hungover to attend Bertie's Christening. She tries to cook a fish pie to make amends but ends up falling asleep leaving it to burn.

When Ches suggests fish and chips, Gemma insists she wants to be on her own. She confides in Rita how she read a text from Chesney to Tyrone and fears their relationship is over as it's clear she's ruining his life.

When Gemma is sick again, Chesney implies that she has a drinking problem and is hungover again.

When Gemma calls at Rita's to tell her about their problems, Rita questions whether the sickness could be something else and suggests a pregnancy test. Gemma is shocked when the test is positive.

Clash at the Christening

It's Bertie's christening and Ken is in a bad mood after receiving a letter from the council charging him with dog fouling.

Beth is delighted. As the families bicker Sinead pleas for calm.

The christening descends into chaos and a food fight starts as the Tinkers and Barlows row over the dog poo. In a bid to try and keep the peace Kirk picks up his guitar and starts singing.

The next day, still buzzing from his performance, Kirk wonders if he should apply for The X Factor. Beth lets him down gently by pointing out the competition is fierce, but when Paul suggests he sings a couple of songs in the pub at the St George's Day celebrations, Beth insists he wants paying.

Gary wants Sarah back

Gary tells Sarah his debt is paid off and he won't keep anymore secrets from her. But she is shocked when she hears Alex say the loan shark is Rick and she realises Gary invited him into their house.

Seb finds a battered and bruised Gary at the builders' yard, Gary tells him his van and tools have been stolen. Later, Gary begs Bethany to try and talk Sarah round, convinced they still have a future.

Seb meets a girl

After he takes a look at one of the loos in the pub, Jenny recommends Seb to fix a loo at a nail bar. He meets a girl there named Alina and tries to chat her up, but she's dismissive.

Alina calls in at the Rovers and returns Seb's spanner, explaining he left it at the nail bar. They head to Speed Daal for a bite to eat, however when she clocks Jan with Eileen she makes excuses and leaves.

Jan injures Mary

Mary loads up the flower shop van, Jan cycles round the corner and crashes into her, injuring her wrist. He and Moira help Mary into the medical centre.

Jan offers to buy Mary a drink by way of an apology but she gives him short shrift. As Moira does her best to chat him up, Eileen watches, her jealousy evident.

Nick's meeting doesn't go the way he wants

Nick meets up with the loss adjuster Helen. She says until the investigation is complete, they're not in a position to make any decision regarding a pay out.

Nick's frustrated, but Toyah remains deeply suspicious. Is she catching onto him?

Coronation Street is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm, with an extra episode on Thursday at 8.30pm on ITV.

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