FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 pictures

Is this the end for Gemma and Chesney?

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Wayne’s health and safety report is stolen, Ches and Gemma go on holiday, and Gary becomes a debt collector in next week’s Coronation Street.

Wayne’s Health and Safety report is stolen

Imran confronts Wayne, who’s being vague about his report. When Wayne inadvertently leaves it on the table, Imran reaches for it, but Wayne catches him red- handed.

Nick steps in to diffuse the situation. Later, Wayne discovers his car has been broken into and the report stolen.

Convinced Imran is behind it, Wayne accuses him. Imran is questioned by the police and maintains his innocence.

When questioned about Nick’s involvement, Imran becomes suspicious and wonders if Nick is implicated in Wayne’s report.

Nick confesses to the police

Nick worries the police think the factory roof collapse was sabotage, so he tells them about the £30k he put in the account.

He claims the money was from his savings to pay off his ex wife.

The search for Carla steps up

Peter is exhausted after a sleepless night and a fruitless search for Carla. He calls at the Rovers with the news that Carla is missing, she’s mentally ill and believes Rana is still alive.

Johnny and Michelle are shocked and Kate is scathing.

Later Johnny and Michelle arrive at No.1 with an apologetic Kate and assure Peter they’ll help track her down as they’re as worried as he is.

Bethany catches Gary out

Bethany clocks Gary driving his van dressed in a shirt and tie. Gary changes back into his builders clothes at the yard and returns home.

Bethany’s intrigued and tells Sarah what she saw.

Gary becomes a debt collector

Sarah watches Gary go off to work in his builders clothes after stashing his suit in a holdall. Rick introduces Gary to his sidekick Sharon and says she will show him the ropes on his first debt collection.

Sarah follows Gary. She is shocked to see him wearing a suit and getting into a van with a woman.

At the first house, Gary recognises the client as Vicky. Sharon orders Gary to go through her things and take anything of value.

Having ransacked Vicky’s possessions, Sharon gets violent.

Carry On Camping for Gemma, Ches and Joseph

Gemma is excited when Chesney arrives with her mate’s caravan but he’s less that impressed with the smelly, shabby old van. The couple and Joseph arrive at a run- down campsite.

As they turn on the electric in the van Gemma is amused and Chesney is appalled to discover that it had obviously been used as a cannabis farm.

When Chesney returns from the shop, he’s shocked to see that Gemma has taught Joseph poker and fleeced him out of money. She’s upset when he declares it the worst holiday ever.

Furious that Chesney doesn’t trust her to look after Joseph, Gemma storms off and ends up in the local pub entertaining the regulars. Chesney rings her and they row when he realises she’s drunk.

Sally and Tim at loggerheads

Sally’s upset when she sees Dev and Steve messing about with the blood pressure monitor while Tim pretends to have a heart attack. She implores her husband to start taking his condition more seriously.

In the cab office, Dev and Steve hold a blood pressure competition. Tim adjudicates.

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