FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Coronation Street in 10 amazing pics

There's drama heading for the cobbles

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There’s shock in Weatherfield next week when Jim tells Liz their daughter is still alive, Tyrone’s terrifying grandmother arrives on the Street, and Imran is a man in demand…


Ryan’s stunned to discover an investment he made years ago is now worth a small fortune.

Toyah’s argument with Peter leads her to find comfort in Imran’s arms. But what about Leanne?

Liz is shocked to the core when Jim reveals the woman at the next table is their daughter.

Billy tells Josh he won’t be visiting in the future, but how will Josh take the news?


Imran feels awkward when he comes face-to-face with Leanne and Toyah at the same time.

Liz meets Hannah for lunch and is overcome with emotion.

Tyrone tracks down his grandmother, a formidable woman called Evelyn.


Evelyn comes to Coronation Street and causes a stir at Dev’s shop.

Tyrone invites Evelyn to stay when she finds herself homeless, but she’s far from grateful.

Sally sets Kevin and Paula up on a date, little does she know her solicitor only has eyes for Sophie!

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