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Friday 21st February 2020

Emmerdale viewers hoping Mandy Dingle will ensure 'boring' soap becomes less of a chore to watch

Fan are concerned for the state of the ITV soap

Emmerdale fans are hoping Mandy Dingle will save the "boring" soap.

Viewers have hit out at the ITV show of late over what they claim is the 'worst the show has ever been' due to a perceived lack of storylines.

Fans are hoping Mandy can rescue the soap (Credit: ITV)

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Despite the soap winning awards, plots like Jessie cheating on Marlon and Doug growing drugs have seen fans claim to be switching off.

Even Moira Dingle's affair with Nate Ramsey behind husband Cain's back has them feeling flat.

But with Lisa Riley returning full-time as Mandy, they are hopeful she can reverse the show's fortunes.

Writing on a Digital Spy Forums thread entitled 'Is Emmerdale boring everybody else or is it just me?' fans flocked to bemoan the current state of the soap.

One said: "It does seem very flat at the moment.

"The newer characters are doing nothing to make me interested in anything to do with them and there isn't even that spark about the longer-serving more established characters either."

Nate and Moira's affair is doing nothing for fans (Credit: ITV)

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They added: "I'm happy Mandy's back and that's piquing my interest for now, but looking at the rest of the show, I imagine it won't be too long before the show absorbs her into its flat bubble."

A second said: "I actually stopped watching a few weeks ago as there was nothing that I was really enjoying."

A third said: "Switched off about three weeks ago and have no intention of tuning in again any time soon. Been a viewer for nearly 30 years but felt it had become a chore watching it lately."

Another added: "Everything about the show is boring.

"The loss of so many interesting major characters, most of the new introductions falling completely flat, and ruining existing characters like Moira, Kerry, Amy etc makes a recipe for disaster.

"I really worry for the show because I can't see where any improvement is going to come from."

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