Bethany and Ryan have sex

Corrie viewers cringe over Ryan’s Golden Buzzer comment to Bethany after sex

She got intimate for the first time since her gang rape ordeal

Bethany Platt has had sex for the first time since she was gang raped by a vile grooming ring, and it was a momentous occasion in the young girl’s life.

So it’s a shame, thought some Coronation Street viewers, that her beau Ryan Connor had to spoil it with a cringeworthy post-sex remark.

It’s a “no” from us, Ryan (Credit: ITV)

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On Wednesday night (May 8), Bethany and Ryan got intimate – the first time Tina’s teenage daughter had slept with someone since her harrowing grooming ordeal at the hands of Nathan Curtis.

It’s been a long road to recovery for Bethany, and she finally felt comfortable enough to have sex again.

In sweet scenes, Bethany made an emotional confession to Michelle’s son, before agreeing to rekindle their romance.

Bethany opened up to Ryan, but can he be trusted…? (Credit: ITV)

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She confided in Ryan about her devastating rape ordeal and he, in turn, promised never to hurt her and to always get her consent.

After kissing passionately, the pair disappeared off to the bedroom for some privacy

In the next scene, they were seen lying naked in bed and Bethany asked if he was okay.

And THIS readers is when Ryan lost the respect of Coronation Street viewers!

At least Ryan doesn’t have Simon Cowell’s moobs (Credit: ITV)

Channelling his inner Simon Cowell, Ryan TOTALLY ruined the romantic moment by giving a reply straight out of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

He told Bethany: “I’m going to say it’s a yes from me.

“In fact, golden buzzer straight through to the final.”


Ryan, you plonker! (Credit: ITV)

When Bethany replied: “I’m not in competition, am I?”

Ryan reassured her, adding: “No, you are definitely not in competition.”

And the awkward reference to the talent show was called out by viewers, with one tweeting: “#Corrie. Did he really just reference #BGT?”

Another said: “Yikes. But fine. You do you, Bethany. #Corrie.”

Soap fans are desperately hoping that Bethany finally gets a shot at happiness, and are worried that she IS in fact in a competition – after all, Ryan had arranged a date with Alya before sleeping with Bethany.

Will he break Bethany’s heart?

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