Corrie SPOILER: Simon Barlow screams for help in horrific boat fire scenes

Street's residents seem unable to save teen

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Simon Barlow screams for help as it looks like he may be burnt alive on Coronation Street next week.

The schoolboy is going to be trapped on his dad Peter’s boat next week when it is set ablaze by a mystery person.

As the fire rages Simon is going to be unable to escape and desperately scream for help.

But it’s not until a crowd gathers and brings Peter to the blaze that he hears Simon and realises the horrifying truth.

Coronation Street's Simon Barlow screams for help as he burns alive in boat fire
Peter watches helplessly as his son burns alive (Credit: ITV)

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“Help me dad!” screams Simon as Peter watches on helplessly and full of guilt.

Simon is only on the boat because of the way Peter treated him by asking Abi Franklin to go sailing with him instead of his son.

Earlier in the week, realising that their romance could really work, Peter asks Abi to come on the trip with him, and she’s thrilled.

But the news devastates Simon and his reaction causes Peter to rethink.

Coronation Street's Simon Barlow screams for help as he burns alive in boat fire
Smoke fills the cabin leaving Simon fighting for his life (Credit: ITV)

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Realising that he should be putting his son first, Peter tells Simon that he can come on the trip with him, and that Abi means nothing.

A furious Abi hits out at Peter for his treatment of her and heads off to get drunk again… despite Peter trying to tell her that alcohol isn’t the answer to her problems.

Meanwhile, a proud Simon can’t wait to go away with his dad and is showing Aadi and Asha around the boat using a hurricane lamp that he has lit.

As they leave, the pair put the lamp out, leaving Simon alone on the boat. But tragedy soon follows when, in the darkness, someone knocks over the lamp and the smouldering wick from the lamp reignites.

Before anyone knows what is happening the boat is going up in flames, and a crowd is gathering around the inferno as Peter watches on, helplessly.

It’s only when Aadi and Asha tell Peter that Simon is still on board that he realises the enormity of what is happening and races to rescue his son.

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