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Corrie spoiler: Sally left for dead after Sophie’s dangerous plan?

She's desperate...

Sally Metcalfe is at her lowest point ever. She’s in jail after being set up by a conman, has lost her house, and is about to do something very rash in an attempt to get out…

Coronation Street fans have every reason to be worried about Sally after last night’s episode (Wednesday 21 November).

Paula tries to get Sally to remember what she did on her birthday… (Credit: ITV)

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As her trial began, Paula desperately tried to get Sally to remember what she did on her birthday.

Duncan has claimed that he and Sally were having an affair and spent the night together in a hotel.

As he continues to paint himself as the innocent victim, Sally is hurt as even her husband and sister are starting to doubt her

It’s Sally versus Duncan and, at the moment, he’s winning! (Credit: ITV)

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On the morning of the trial, Gina and Tim are no shows, leaving Sally hurt that her family have abandoned her just when she needs them.

And things go from bad to worse when Duncan takes to the stand and paints Sally as a ruthless adversary, claiming SHE coerced him into committing fraud and that he fell in love with her.

At breaking point, Sally is thrown a lifeline by Kevin who remembers that she spent her birthday visiting Jack in hospital.

Duncan’s downfall can’t come soon enough for Sally – and fans (Credit: ITV)

However, there’s a hitch (of course there is!). As Paula and Sophie attempt to track down the CCTV footage, they discover it’ll take days to get. Days they just don’t have.

Desperate to help her mum, Sophie hatches a plan – but it’s dangerous and could have devastating consequences for Sally.

Sophie tells her mum to pretend to be ill so they can adjourn the case a little longer, giving them time to get the footage…

Sally puts her life in danger to help her case (Credit: ITV)

Phoning her in prison, Sophie said: “Mum, it’s good news. Really good news! But we’ve got to jump through a lot of hoops before we manage to get that CCTV footage from the hospital.

“And there may be a chance that we don’t get that until after the trial has finished.”

Sophie then revealed her plan, saying: “We need to start playing dirty, just like Duncan. If you don’t, you’re going to lose, mum, and you will go to prison.

“He stood up today and swore on the Bible and told a pack of lies. That could keep you in there for a very long time.”

Coronation Street SPOILER: Sally Metcalfe loses her house
Viewers have seen Sally at her lowest (Credit: ITV)

Sophie then added: “We need an adjournment and that will only happen if you’re about to die or have got a medical emergency. So I need you to make yourself ill.

“Really ill. There’s no point in pretending mum. You need to be poorly enough to go to hospital. Will you do it?”

Sally then confirmed: “If this is my only chance of getting out, I’ll do it.”

Fans have been left fearful that Sally is playing with her own life and could be left for dead.

Some were desperate to come up with alternatives, with one suggesting the police should use the GPS on Sally’s phone to prove her whereabouts.

Another said: “Sally had breast cancer, did she have an operation? Is there a scar? A good way to trip up your man, if he can’t describe her breast/scars, they didn’t sleep together. CAUGHT!”

Wow, some of these Corrie viewers should be on the police force!

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