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Monday 18th February 2019

Corrie SPOILER: Kate and Rana in shock split

Kate makes a shocking suggestion as Rana struggles over her dad's ill health

Could favourite Coronation Street couple Rana Nazir and Kate Connor be facing a shock split next week?

Rana, who will be left heartbroken in upcoming scenes when her dad Hassan collapses, is reeling after being banned from visiting him in hospital by her mum Saira.

Rana gets to say goodbye to her father after all (Credit: ITV)

The nurse worries that her dad will die without her having a chance to make up with him after he and Saira disowned Rana for leaving her husband Zeedan for Kate.

Kate suggests that Rana tells her mum that they've split up in a bid to see her dad and make the peace with him.

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Rana isn't convinced the plan will work but goes along with it anyway.

She's pleased when Saira changes her mind and lets her see her father, but when Saira tells him that Rana has seen the error of his ways and broken up with Kate he squeezes her hand before passing away.

A guilt-ridden Rana feels awful about lying to her dad on his deathbed. Will she blame Kate for her guilt?

This week fans will see Rana blame her homophobic mother for her dad's stroke

The nurse is estranged from her parents since she discovered they had tried to trick her into moving to Pakistan after they discovered her affair with Kate Connor.

Rana is wracked with guilt as her dad passes away (Credit: ITV)

Horrified at what her parents had done, Rana confronted them but they were unrepentant and disowned her.

In solidarity her brother Imran, sickened by their actions, told them he never wanted to see them again.

But this week on the soap Hassah will have a big 60th birthday party and ask his son to attend.

However their mum Saira has banned Rana to protect the family’s name in the community, not wanting anyone to know their daughter is a lesbian.

And it is set to have potentially fateful consequences as Hassan suffers a horrifying stroke at the party, something nurse Rana could have spotted.

After hearing the devastating news, Rana rushes to the hospital but her mum bans her from seeing her father, telling the doctors that they are estranged.

Rana and Billy head to the hospital together (Credit: ITV)

When she catches Kate comforting Rana, Saira tells her to leave but Rana has had enough and tells her some home truths.

She tells her: "You won’t be able to walk away from your guilt so easily.

"You know that if I’d been there today things would have been different right now.

"I would have recognised he was having a stroke. I would have got him here sooner. I would have helped.

"But now, he might never recover. He might even die, all because of you and your stupid pig headedness."

Rana will blame her mum for her dad's stroke (Credit: ITV

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Storming off in distress, Rana had a breakdown telling Kate: "I don’t want to be here.

"There’s nothing I can do other than cause trouble. All I wanted was to see my dad. He’s lying in hospital and she won’t let me see him."

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