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Saturday 16th February 2019

Corrie SPOILER: Gina betrays sister Sally

Gina and Duncan spend time together...

As if it's not bad enough that Gina is developing feelings for Sally's husband Tim Metcalfe while she's in jail, it's about to get worse...

While her sister endures the horrors of being in jail after being framed by conman Duncan, Gina ends up meeting up with him for romantic drinks!

This. Looks. Really. Bad. (Credit: ITV)

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Next week (Friday 16 November), Gina heads out on a blind date full of hope for a good match.

However she is shocked to find her date 'Ian' is in fact Duncan - the man responsible for putting her sister in jail!

It's a nasty shock, but could Gina be swayed by the serial liar?

Walk away Gina! (Credit: ITV)

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With her sister behind bars, Gina tries to cheer herself up by moving on from her split with Dev Alahan.

However it looks like Duncan Radfield is up to his old tricks when he turns up as the mystery date.

Just what is he up to?

Gina has been trying to support her sister while she's in jail (Credit: ITV)

Fans will no doubt be left in shock as Gina stays to hear Duncan out, rather than leaving immediately (which would be the sensible thing to do).

During the meal, Gina listens to Duncan's string of lies as he insists he had an affair with Sally.

He even has the cheek to claim it was actually Sally who made him defraud the council...

Will Gina stay loyal to her sister or will she believe his lies?

Gina reveals her feelings for Tim (Credit: ITV)

Tonight (Wednesday 7 November), Gina's secret feelings for brother-in-law Tim are noticed by some of the factory girls, most notably Fiz.

When Fiz starts asking questions, Gina assures her that Tim is just a good friend.

But she later talks to Tim's dad Geoff, who is shocked to realise there is truth to the speculation - and he warns Tim.

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