Coronation Street SPOILER: Tracy and Steve accuse Simon of being the father of Amy’s baby

Simon is hiding something...

Tracy and Steve’s daughter Amy has big news to share next week when she reveals she’s expecting a baby.

But things take a dramatic turn when Tracy and Steve suspect the father could be her own cousin Simon Barlow.

It begins when Amy bunks off school and attends a family planning clinic, explaining to the nurse that she’s pregnant and needs the abortion pill.

But Amy leaves upset when the nurse insists she must discuss her situation with an adult first.

She texts her grandmother Liz to meet her in the Urban garden where she reveals that she is pregnant.

Amy tells grandma Liz first (Credit: ITV)

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Liz leads a nervous Amy home after persuading her she needs to tell her parents.

The teenager tells Tracy and Steve she’s pregnant leaving them shocked, and while Tracy remains surprisingly calm, Steve flies off the handle and storms to the corner shop accuses Aadi of being the father.

When Steve demands to know who the dad is, Amy refuses to give a name – and worries that the whole school will be talking about her now.

Steve flies off the handle and accuses Aadi of being the father (Credit: ITV)

In Wednesday’s episode (23 January), Tracy tries the soft approach with Amy, gently quizzing her about the father of her baby, and discovers that it was consensual sex at a Christmas party.

Later, Amy discusses her situation with Simon, and Steve jumps to conclusions…

Tracy accuses her nephew Simon of getting Amy pregnant (Credit: ITV)

Revealing his suspicions to Tracy, she reads a text from Simon on Amy’s phone and sets off on the warpath.

In front of Peter, Tracy accuses Simon of getting Amy pregnant. While he denies it, it’s clear he’s hiding something.  

When Amy has an ultrasound at the family planning clinic it reveals she is in fact 10 weeks pregnant meaning she would have to have a surgical abortion and Tracy realises she has lied about the conception.

Amy lies about the conception (Credit: ITV)

On Friday (25 January), tensions come to a head when Amy continues to conceal who the father is – and Leanne and Tracy come to blows after Tracy points the finger at Simon.

Fans know Simon is not blood related to Amy as Tracy is not the biological daughter of Ken Barlow. However, they do see themselves as cousins and were raised alongside each other.

It has been speculated that the father of the baby is gang leader Tyler Jefferies.

Tyler has been terrorising the Barlow family ever since Simon gave him up to the police after he was forced to raid the cafe and Daniel Osbourne’s flat.

Could Tyler be the father? (Credit: ITV)

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He exacted his revenge with a terrifying campaign of intimidation which also saw Peter shot in the belly with a paintball gun (although it wasn’t clear the firearm was a dud at the time) and even poisoned Ken Barlow’s pooch Eccles.

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