Coronation Street SPOILER: Mary Taylor furiously confronts lying son Jude with horrifying consequences

Corrie fans shout “good riddance” as Jude is exposed and exits soap

Mary’s lying and abusive son has been run out of town...

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Jude Appleton’s dark web of lies and deceit has been exposed, as the troubled Weatherfield resident finally got his comeuppance.

In tense scenes aired last night (Wednesday 24 October), his distraught mum Mary Taylor made the painful admission that Jude had violently hit her.

Poor Mary was forced to face up to the sins of her son (Credit: ITV)

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She also revealed that he’s been lying to his family about training to be a paramedic.

In the emotional aftermath – which included Jude’s attempt to abduct his own son – the serial liar seemed to leave Weatherfield.

But has he gone for good? Fans certainly hope so!

Jude’s fan were upset he’d left the Street… Hang on, he didn’t have any fans! (Credit: ITV)

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In Wednesday’s double bill, Mary confessed to her pal Roy Cropper that she’d been subjected to a violent attack from her offspring earlier this week, after she threatened to tell his wife Angie about his lies…

In subsequent scenes, Jude was named Weatherfield’s Good Samaritan for saving Roy’s life after he suffered an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

But viewers knew it was yet another of his lies – it was actually GP Ali Neeson who came to the café owner’s rescue but Jude took the credit.

Jude was an onlooker as Dr Ali Neeson worked his magic (Credit: ITV)

Fans applauded as the real truth about Jude’s ‘good deeds’ spilled out and his wife Angie learnt the truth about her husband.

As the sorry tale about the fake paramedic course, Roy’s real saviour and Mary’s bruises came tumbling out, Jude was like a rabbit in the headlights.

Branded a deluded, pathological liar, Mary and Angie told Jude to leave – but were horrified to realise later that he’d taken son George with him to the station.

Jude tried to exit Weatherfield with his son George (Credit: ITV)

Luckily, hero-without-a-cape Roy caught up with Jude just in time and got him to hand over the baby before he left Coronation Street behind.

Realising her son had taken her advice and left, Mary asked: “Where did he go?”

To which Roy delivered the bombshell news: “I’m afraid he wouldn’t say. But it does appear he isn’t coming back.”

Will Jude be able to stay away, or could he return to reclaim his son?

Roy Cropper to the rescue! (Credit: ITV)

With Mary being one of Corrie’s most beloved characters, it’s no wonder fans were glad to see the back of Jude.

Viewers were ruthlessly delighted he’s gone, with one saying: “Seeya Jude. You won’t be missed.”

A second agreed, tweeting: “Great news Jude’s gone.”

A third wrote: “Let’s hope he never comes back.”

Another added: “This Mary and Jude storyline is crushing my soul. Who could ever hurt lovely Mary?”

One even speculated that Jude is “a future serial killer on #corrie watch ye back Mary”.

Soap spoilers suggest that Jude will be back – but will he have his tail between his legs seeking penance? Or be hellbent on revenge?

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