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Monday 18th February 2019

Corrie fans left “speechless” by Tracy and Steve’s wedding

Forget confetti, the congregation were throwing punches!

Soap fans were given the ride of their lives last night as the ITV soap gave them some classic Corrie scenes!

Tracy and Steve's wedding was always going to have fireworks - and bloodthirsty viewers certainly weren't disappointed with the double episode which left them "speechless".

The calm before the storm... (Credit: ITV)

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After finding out the truth about Steve's fling with Leanne, Tracy managed to keep her cool long enough to say her vows - but then the wedding descended into chaos.

And we don't mean that the napkins were the wrong colour and the party canapés were a bit on the burnt side.

No, we mean, the bride punching the groom before scrapping with a guest!

Yes. That.

Ka-pow! (Credit: ITV)

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Tracy let her simmering rage boil over during the first dance at the reception.

Tracy punching Steve during their first dance has left me speechless. Reminiscent of 'proper' classic #Corrie comedy writing.

Never mind the Dirty Dancing routine Steve had been practising... Tracy was thinking more Fight Club when she threw a punch at her new husband.

Leaving Steve nursing a bloodied nose, Tracy then told the congregation all about Steve’s one night stand with Leanne - calling her "the Battersby bike".

Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor!

Battersby Vs Barlow: Ring side seats (Credit: ITV)

Leanne saw red when Tracy involved her young son Oliver, saying: "Grown-ups are supposed to tell the truth, aren't they?

"But your mummy and daddy are just a nasty pair of little liars.

"And your mummy is really desperate because every bloke she goes out with either walks out or dies or dates her sister."

Sick of being insulted, Leanne eventually prepared for a cat fight - but luckily Robert Preston's wedding cake was the only real casualty.

Steve is a brave man coming between these two... (Credit: ITV)

Tracy then warned Steve that if he thought his previous divorce was bad, he won't be ready for this one.

Steve begged to be forgiven, insisting the fling made him realise he loved Tracy, but it remains to be seen if she will join him on their honeymoon.

Fans absolutely LOVED the classic comic Corrie scenes, and demanded more!

One thrilled said: "Tracy punching Steve during their first dance has left me speechless. Reminiscent of 'proper' classic #Corrie comedy writing, in case we ever needed reminding of times of old."

Another called it "the best moment in any soap ever so far this year", while one branded it "comedy gold".

A fourth said: "I've honestly never laughed so much at a coronation street scene in my entire life I'm literally crying."

Unsurprisingly, Tracy Barlow was trending by the end of the episode!

Elsewhere in the dramatic episode, Liz finally discovered that Hannah is a fraud and not her 'dead daughter' after all.

In equally applauded scenes by the viewers, Liz hit Jim McDonald with his walking stick pushing him to the ground and delivering his well-deserved comeuppance.

The lesson: Don't mess with Weatherfield women!

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