Tim Metcalfe

Corrie fans furious with “scumbag” Tim Metcalfe as he turns his back on Sally

Tim is not fighting his wife's corner while she's in jail...

Tim Metcalfe had better watch his back, as there are currently thousands of Coronation Street fans baying for his blood.

The previously popular Weatherfield resident has enraged ITV viewers by turning his back on his wife Sally, who is currently serving time in jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

Damn you, Duncan Radfield!

Sally, Tim, Corrie Christmas (Credit: Corrie YouTube)
Tim has proven to be a rather useless husband (Credit: Corrie YouTube)

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In infuriating scenes last night (Wednesday 19 December), Tim pulled a shock move when he refused to help his wife.

With Sally’s daughter Sophie desperate to do something to change her mum’s dire situation in time for Christmas, she called on step-dad Tim to help.

She’s upset when Paula reveals she won’t launch an appeal and, to add insult to injury, presents them with a huge bill for her services.

Paula’s bill landed Sophie and family in hot water (Credit: ITV)

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Desperate to find a way to pay her, Sophie tells Tim he needs to sell his share of Street Cars, but he has a horrible shock in store…

He refuses because he is no longer on Sally’s side.


Sally is dealt another devastating blow (Credit: ITV)

Poor Sophie then has the horrible task of visiting her mum and telling her that Tim has turned his back on her…

When Sophie later confronts Tim, warning they’ll have to sell the house instead, Tim delivers another foul blow – he’s already got the house on the market!

Fans were outraged with the taxi driver, with some calling him a “scumbag”, “lousy” and an “idiot” (sounds like a Pogues song) – and they are the ones we CAN print!

Perhaps he shouldn’t leave Weatherfield for a while…


One fan blasted: “Tim is a proper scumbag fp.”

Another seethed: “Tim grow up and stand by your wife.”

A third blamed Corrie scriptwriters, saying: “You’ve ruined the once lovable Tim.”

“Tim is such a lousy husband,” said another.

If fans are angry now, they will undoubtedly go nuclear over the Christmas period when he finds solace with another woman.

Yes, the icing on the cake, it’s Sally’s sister Gina. The fans are going to eat Tim alive!

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