Corrie fans delighted with Jim McDonald return

The fan favourite made a return to the cobbles after four years away

Coronation Street fans were celebrating last night as cobbles legend Jim McDonald made a return to Weatherfield.

He walked into his son Steve’s stag party, leaving the soon-to-be married StreetCars owner shocked.

Steve didn’t look overjoyed to see his dad (Credit: ITV)

Jim was serving time in prison after a botched attempt at an armed robbery in 2011.

He told his gobsmacked son that he’d been released, quipping: “You don’t think I could have got over the wall in a state like this?”

Jim hobbled into the pub walking with a cane due to his condition myotonic dystrophy.

Corrie fans took to Twitter to express their joy at Jim’s release from the Big House.

But while fans were ecstatic to see Jim back in the Rovers, the reaction he got from the locals wasn’t quite so overwhelming.

Peter Barlow tried to attack him after Jim poisoned him with illegal alcohol while they were both in prison in 2014.

A furious Steve stormed out of his own stag party after telling his dad that he’s nothing to him.

It was left to Jim’s ex-wife Liz to break the news that Steve has split from Michelle Connor and is now marrying Tracy Barlow.

Steve McDonald Jim McDonald Coronation Street
Steve ended up storming out of his own party (Credit: ITV)

“Why in the name of God is Steven marrying the anti-christ?” Jim pondered. Which is something most of us have been wondering.

Jim’s return has been eagerly anticipated since it was announced earlier this year that actor Charles Lawson was returning to the role that made him famous.

He hasn’t returned alone either. Jim will be accompanied by a young woman called Hannah who he will reveal is the daughter Liz believed to have died when she was a baby in 1992.

Liz had to explain that Steve is marrying Tracy (Credit: ITV)

Jim will explain that there was a huge mix up at the hospital and that their daughter, who they called Katie, actually survived and was adopted.

But while Liz embraces her daughter’s return from the dead, Steve and Tracy aren’t quite so convinced and look into Hannah, discovering she’s not who she says she is.

Could Liz be set for even more heartbreak if Hannah is unmasked as a fake?

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Coronation Street continues Monday at 7.30pm on ITV

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