Corrie fans angry at latest twist in Sinead cancer storyline

Sinead isn't taking the doctors advice

Sinead’s cancer storyline in Coronation Street has left viewers heartbroken as she’s been forced to choose between her own life and that of her unborn baby.

As husband Daniel remains determined to save Sinead’s life, she’s gone behind his back and stopped her chemotherapy treatment. What’s worse, is that she’s lying to him that she’s still going.

And now fans are fuming that she’s turned to holistic therapies instead, with one even calling the storyline “irresponsible”.

Is Steff a bad influence? (Credit: ITV)

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It seems Sinead’s new friend Steff is at the root of all this and viewers have already expressed their mistrust of the newcomer, who’s encouraging the mum-to-be to go behind Daniel’s back.

Last night saw Steff call Daniel and pretend to be from Flora’s care home telling him the old lady was in distress in order to stop him going to Sinead’s chemo appointment with her.

When Sinead got home later she lied to Daniel that the reason she wasn’t feeling sick after this round of treatment was because the hospital are giving her anti-sickness medication that’s working.

Daniel is so supportive of Sinead (Credit: ITV) 

She then revealed she was going on a plant-based diet to help ease her symptoms – and lied to Daniel again that she’d cleared it with the doctors.

Even Ken and Carla have been taken in by her dishonesty, with Ken offering to fund her holistic treatment and Carla covering for him by saying Underworld’s insurance will cover it.

Fans have now expressed their anger on Twitter at Sinead’s behaviour – and how they’re fearful she’s going to die thanks to Steff’s interference.

Sinead’s plight has struck a chord with so many viewers, and they’ve been left frightened that the Street favourite will ultimately die at Christmas.

The young seamstress hasn’t been honest with Daniel from the start of her troubles, keeping her diagnosis from him at first.

Daniel eventually found out in a special Barlow-focused episode and vowed to do all he could to keep his new wife alive.

Coronation Street lines up special Barlow episode as Sinead Tinker's heartbreaking cancer battle is revealed
Daniel just wants Sinead to live (Credit: ITV)

But Sinead’s number one concern has always been for the baby growing inside her.

So desperate to protect the new life, she insisted she wouldn’t abort the baby, but originally agreed to undergo a milder form of chemotherapy that would mean she could carry her child to full term.

However after her first session, Sinead decided she wouldn’t go back – but hasn’t told Daniel the truth.

Sinead chemo cancer
Sinead won’t have any more chemo (Credit: ITV)

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It’s also been revealed Sinead could have the opportunity to go to Germany for revolutionary cancer treatment – but only if she can raise the funds.

Her aunty Beth reportedly says she’ll find the cash, and then there’s a robbery at Dev’s shop. Is Beth responsible for the break in?

Daniel is set to be heartbroken when he finds out his wife’s been lying to him, can they find a way to beat this together with no more secrets between them?

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