Coronation Street’s Kate and Rana: A history of their relationship

Kate and Rana got together in secret, but their relationship has since flourished

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Coronation Street’s Kate Connor and Rana Nazir have fast become one of Coronation Street’s most-loved couples.

They’ve faced their fair share of obstacles to get together though as Rana was previously married to Zeedan Nazir and her strict Muslim family were firmly against her leaving her husband for another woman.

But they’ve battled against the odds to get engaged and start planning a family. Before some other drama befalls them, here’s a look at the history of their relationship.

When did they first meet?

A night out with Alya got feelings fluttering (Credit: Twitter/ITV Corrie)

Rana has been with the cast of Coronation Street since 2016, but it was one year later in February 2017 that she and Kate became friends as they planned Alya Nazir’s birthday. The girl gang headed out for a night on the tiles and Kate persuaded them all to go to a lesbian bar.

The pair soon became firm friends, with Rana supporting Kate when her dad Johnny was diagnosed with MS. As the pair grew closer, fan speculation was already rife as to the identity of Kate’s new love interest that actress Faye Brookes had confirmed would be a Coronation Street regular and not Sophie Webster.

When did Kate and Rana’s relationship begin?

Imogen rubbed Rana up the wrong way (Credit: ITV)

Kate got together with newcomer Imogen Pascoe and Rana wasn’t happy about it. Kate mistook her jealousy for homophobia and the pair fell out, but Imogen was onto Rana.

After Kate dumped Imogen for being too clingy, Imogen confronted Rana telling her she knew she fancied Kate.

Despite Rana’s denial and insistence that she was a happily married woman, she didn’t keep up the facade for long before she finally confessed her feelings to her best mate.

When did they have their first kiss?

Kate and Rana Corrie
Rana kissed Kate when she was drunk (Credit: ITV)

On October 11 2017 Rana arrived at Kate’s flat drunk and ready to confess her feelings – which she did with a kiss.

A stunned Kate spent the next few days trying to get her head around what that meant for their relationship and it took Rana another week to admit she had fallen for her.

But terrified Kate didn’t want to get hurt and knowing Rana was married to Zeedan told her to stay away.

Rana didn’t want to though and although confused, pursued Kate until Kate finally cracked and kissed her back. But it was Rana’s turn to be confused and when she couldn’t make up her mind, Kate told her to marry Zeedan.

On the day of the wedding, Rana was having doubts, and Kate tried stop it going ahead by leaving a voicemail for Rana – which she never listened too.

When did they start their affair?

They finally got together in the back of a food van (Credit: ITV)

Zeedan noticed there was tension between his wife and her former best friend and decided to meddle and sent them off to a food fair together.

When the van they were travelling in broke down and they waited by the roadside for someone to rescue them, passion quickly took over and they started to get down to it in the back of the van.

Luke Britton had been called out to fix the vehicle and he burst the van doors open to catch them mid-romp.

Even though they’d been caught by Luke, the girls’ affair continued and they were later caught out by Kym Marsh when they were at it after-hours in the Bistro.

When did Zeedan find out?

With their affair continuing full throttle, Kate soon began to realise Rana wasn’t going to leave Zeedan. She was fearful of her family’s reaction if she came out as gay and kept playing for time in revealing the truth.

When Luke was murdered by Phelan, Rana told Kate she had to support her family as Luke had been going out with Alya at the time. A fed up Kate broke up with Rana and upset Rana pushed her former lover into a relationship with Sophie Webster so she could concentrate on her marriage to Zeedan.

But her resolve didn’t last and straight after Luke’s funeral, Rana confessed to her husband she was in love with someone else.

He put two and two together and assumed it was Robert Preston, but as he headed to the Bistro to confront his boss, Zeedan was cornered by Kate who revealed she was the one Rana had been seeing.

When did Zeedan and Rana split up?

Kate and Rana got caught (Credit: ITV)

Zeedan outed Rana to her parents and they blackmailed the couple to stay married for one year by offering Zee £10K to start his own business.

Rana agreed to the deal and despite telling her parents she’d work on her marriage, she couldn’t keep away from Kate and the pair reignited their affair in February 2018. Zeedan agreed to the relationship as long as it was secret and they kept up appearances of wedded bliss.

But that wasn’t to be as Kate and Rana were caught having sex by her parents and Alya in April 2018 signalling the end of her marriage to Zeedan.

Why was Rana kidnapped?

Rana’s religious family were so desperate that she wouldn’t shame them by breaking up her marriage to be with another woman, her mum, Saira, cooked up a plan to get her out of the country.

She told Rana her aunt was dying in Pakistan and thanks to Rana’s father’s fury about Rana’s affair, he was refusing to travel with her. Rana insisted she would accompany her mum, but Yasmeen Nazir smelled a rat.

And she was right too because upon further investigation it was revealed there was no dying aunt and it was all a plot.

Kate raced to rescue her love and reported Rana’s mum to the police for kidnap.

Did Rana make up with her family?

Rana was distraught after Kate’s ultimatum (Credit: ITV)

When news reached Rana that her dad Hassan had been rushed to hospital following a stroke, Rana was devastated as her mum banned her from seeing him.

Eventually, after being forced to say she was no longer with Kate and what she’d done had been shameful, Rana was allowed to say a tearful goodbye to her father.

But the guilt of lying to him on his deathbed was too much for Rana.

When her mum then agreed to accept Rana’s relationship with Kate and planned to go away with her daughter on a six week cruise, Kate lost the plot, insisting Saira was merely trying to keep them apart so she could brainwash Rana.

Kate told Rana if she went on the cruise she wouldn’t be waiting for her when she returned.

When did they get engaged?

They both proposed! (Credit: ITV)

Kate was waiting for Rana when she got back – and in fact, she was planning a proposal.

But what she didn’t know was Rana was also going to pop the question. They both got down on one knee in the Rovers and accepted the others’ ring. Aw!

Are they having a baby?

Kate gave a soppy speech at their engagement party insisting she couldn’t wait to marry Rana and start a family together.

But Rana was visibly shaken by the idea of them having a baby. As Kate’s pushed ahead with plans to be a mum, booking fertility clinic appointments and even trying to persuade Robert Preston to be the daddy, how long will it be before Rana cracks?

And with speculation Kate is set to seduce Adam Barlow to get the family she desires, are Kana doomed?

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