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Sunday 15th December 2019

Coronation Street viewers question Seb's injuries after attack

Seb was attacked by Nikolai

Coronation Street viewers have questioned Seb's injuries after he was attacked by Nikolai.

In last night's episode of Corrie (August 5 2019), Seb tried to get in touch with Alina and asked his ex-girlfriend Faye to take a message and to the nail salon.

Unfortunately Alina wasn't working and Faye ended up asking another girl to pass on the message.

Faye passed the note to a salon worker to give to Alina (Credit: ITV hub)

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Seb soon got word from Alina saying to meet her at the salon, but when he arrived, he had a bag put over his head.

Seb managed to get the bag off and saw Nikolai standing there. The human trafficker then hit Seb over the head with a wooden pole, knocking him to the ground.

Seb was hit over the head by Nikolai (Credit: ITV hub)

As he fell to the floor, Rachel and Jan walked in. Jan convinced Rachel and Nikolai not to kill his housemate as there were people who would miss him if he disappeared.

Jan then drove Seb to the hospital.

Seb's mum Abi soon got a call from the hospital saying her son was there and had been injured.

When Abi spoke to the nurse, they told her Seb had a concussion and also had a few broken ribs.

(Credit: ITV hub)

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Viewers questioned how Seb had broken ribs as he had only been hit over the head.

As cobbles resident Doctor Ali entered the hospital, he witnessed Jan getting in his car and saw Seb in a wheelchair.

When Eileen rang her boyfriend to tell him what had happened to Seb, Jan told her he was in Birmingham and was shocked to hear the news.

When Seb woke up he told the police he couldn't remember what happened to him.

Seb was in hospital after his attack (Credit: ITV hub)

However, he remembered the message from Alina and going to the nail bar. The last thing he could recall was being hit over the head but didn't know how he got to the hospital.

Later, Ali revealed to Abi and Eileen that he saw Jan outside the hospital.

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