Coronation Street viewers in hysterics over Tracy Barlow's homesick kidney

Coronation Street viewers in hysterics over Tracy Barlow’s homesick kidney

Tracy's foreign kidney has been calling out for its homeland for years

Coronation Street viewers have hailed the funniest episode yet after Tracy Barlow jetted off to Morocco because of her homesick kidney.

The unhappy bride decided to go on her honeymoon with new husband Steve McDonald to make his life a living hell.

Coronation Street viewers in hysterics over Tracy Barlow's homesick kidney
Tracy’s impression of Sinead Tinker had viewers in stitches (Credit: ITV)

But her reasoning had viewers in stitches of laughter.

As Mary and Abi found her in a taxi prepping to go to the airport, Tracy said she had always wanted to go to Morocco.

“I’ve always fancied Morocco,” she said, adding the killer line: “I think it’s the kidney getting homesick.”

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Longtime viewers will remember Tracy receiving a kidney transplant from her mother Deirdre’s boyfriend Samir.

And it wasn’t just the kidney that had viewers howling with laughter.

Tracy’s drunk impression of Sinead Tinker caused widespread tittering across the nation.

And as Sinead walked through the door, a slightly sozzled Tracy mocked her new sister-in-law.

“Oh hello, Tracy,” Sinead said, as she walked back into her own wedding reception.

“Oh, hello, Sinead. You look nice,” she said mocking her but pulling off the perfect accent.

Fans couldn’t contain themselves at the two hilarious moments and flocked to social media.

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One Corrie fan tweeted: “This was absolutely brilliant tonight! So funny #CoronationStreet.”

A second added: ““Screaming at Tracy Barlows impression of Sinead. #CoronationStreet”

A third said: “LOVE Tracy  from her kidney being homesick to her not napping because she’s not George  but most of all…. ‘oh, hello Sinead’ @Kateford76 is fabulous #CoronationStreet @itvcorrie”

Another wrote: “Lol I snorted when I watched this #Corrie #CoronationStreet”

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