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Thursday 12th December 2019

Coronation Street viewers dismayed as Maria gets steamy with her nephew!

They are set to get intimate in upcoming scenes...

Coronation Street fans have been left feeling grossed out after soap spoilers teased Maria Connor's new love interest - and he's related to her!

Earlier this week, ED! revealed that Maria will share a passionate song with Dr Ali Neeson.

Maria and Ali finally kiss - but fans aren't happy (Credit: ITV)

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But viewers were quick to point out that he is her nephew!

In scenes to air next week, Maria has a string of unsuccessful dates after recently deciding to take drastic action and sort out her non-existant love life.

However, having joined an online dating app, she is horrified when she discovers she has unknowingly sent out the wrong message by saying she was looking for someone to 'Netflix and chill' with.

Ali has got the hots for Maria, but she is none the wiser (Credit: ITV)

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After realising that 'Netflix and chill' doesn't mean catching up with a good boxset, Maria was mortified and thought her dating days were doomed.

But, while she was stressing over the fact she couldn't get a date, viewers knew Ali was lusting after her from across the cobbles.

So is no one going to talk about the fact that Ali is Maria's nephew through marriage?

After one particularly bad date at the bistro where Ali just happens to be working, Ali and Maria end up back at hers drowning her sorrows with a bottle of wine.

Ali and Maria: sparks fly (Credit: ITV)

And it's not long before the sparks start to fly between the pair.

Having finished the bottle of wine, Ali leans in for a kiss and Maria finally kisses him back.

While this could signal the end of Maria's romance drought at last, it's not without its complications - as soap fans were quick to point out.

One wrote: "So is no one going to talk about the fact that Ali is Maria's nephew through marriage? She was married to his mum's brother and her son Liam is Ali's cousin."

Another said: "Thank you, finally someone else has said it. It's not so long ago Michelle fell out with Carla because she was seeing him."

A third replied: "I have been saying this too... It even seems she's forgotten!!"

"I know. Maria's son is his blood relative. It's all a bit close to home," typed another.

Others joked that "there's nobody left she hasn't already been with", and another said: "It's Maria. She'd date a tomato in trousers if it meant getting a man..."

Michelle was livid when Carla and Ali got intimate last year (Credit: ITV)

In fact, Maria is technically related to Ali, as her previous husband Liam Connor was Ali's mum, Michelle's, brother.

This would make deceased soap star Liam Ali's maternal uncle, Maria his aunt through marriage and their son Liam Jr's cousin. Got it?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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