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Coronation Street’s most influential family: The Barlow Family Tree

We're looking into the details of all the Barlow family members

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The Barlow’s have been on Coronation Street since the show began back in 1960. They’ve been at the centre of some of the soap’s most famous storylines and we look forward to seeing them on our screen each week.

We have put together the Barlow family tree to look back at past and present Barlow family members.

Ken Barlow

Ken Barlow was in Corrie’s very first episode in 1960 (Credit: ITV)

Kenneth Barlow, played by William Roache has been on the street since its very first episode and in his time on the cobbles he’s had his share of drama. Ken has been with the cast of Coronation Street for 59 years.

Ken was born to Frank and Ida in 1939 a year after they married. His brother David was born three years later in 1942.

Ida Barlow is Ken’s mother (Credit: ITV)

Frank was the child of Sidney and Edna Barlow. He had a sister named Marjorie born in 1912. Sidney died in 1931 and Marjorie died in 1940. Edna’s date of death is unknown but was before the show started in 1960.

Frank ended up also passing away in 1975, 14 years after his wife Ida.

Frank Barlow was Ken and David’s father (Credit: ITV)

Ken’s brother David married Irma Ogden in 1965 and had baby Darren in 1968. Sadly in 1970, David, Irma and Darren were all involved in an off screen-car accident which killed David and Darren. Irma survived and returned to the street.

Ken and David Barlow in the first episode of Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Ken’s first marriage was to Valerie Tatlock in 1962 and they went on to have twins Peter and Susan in 1965. However in 1971 Val was killed by electric shock whilst attempting to tighten her hairdryer plug with a screw driver.

Val died in 1971 (Credit: ITV)

Ken went on to marry Janet Reid in 1974, however they split months later. They stayed legally married until 1977 when Janet overdosed.

Janet died in 1977 (Credit: ITV)

He then married Deirdre Langton in 1981. He ended up adopting Deirdre’s daughter, Tracy, who was four-years- old.

After affairs from both parties over their 10 years together, they divorced in 1991.

In 1994, Ken began dating Denise Osbourne but got a shock when she got pregnant. Daniel Osbourne was born in 1995.

Denise gave birth to Daniel in 1995 (Credit: ITV)

In 1999, Ken and Deidre decided to give their relationship another go and eventually got re-married in 2005.

In 2010, Emily Bishop and Norris Cole discovered a letter in No.3 (Ken’s old house) dating back to 1961. The letter was from Ken’s first girlfriend Susan Cunningham explaining she was pregnant and wanted to meet, however the letter got lost in the house.

Ken and Deirdre married in 1981 and 2005 (Credit: ITV)

Ken met his son Lawrence (played by Roache’s real life son Linus) in 2010 and discovered he had two more grandchildren, James (played by Roache’s other son James) and Chloe.

Lawrence was played by Linus Roache (Credit: ITV)

Ken’s other grandchildren are Adam Barlow (son of Susan Barlow) born in 1988, Simon Barlow (son of Peter Barlow) born in 2003 and Amy Barlow (daughter of Tracy Barlow), born in 2004.

Peter Barlow

Peter Barlow was married to Jessica Midgely in 1990, but the pair got divorced 10 years later.

In 2003, Peter began dating barmaid Shelley Unwin whilst also seeing Lucy Richards. He ended things with Lucy but got back together with her when she discovered she was pregnant. He married Lucy who went on to have son Simon the same year.

Lucy got pregnant with Simon (Credit: ITV)

He couldn’t bring himself to tell Shelley he and Lucy got back together so he married her whilst he was married to Lucy. Eventually both women found out and he was arrested and fined for bigamy.

Peter married Shelley whilst he was married to Lucy (Credit: ITV)

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Lucy sadly died from cancer in 2008.

Peter and his son Simon (Credit: ITV)

Peter went on to marry Leanne Battersby in 2010 who legally adopted Simon. However things didn’t work out and he went on to marry Carla Connor in 2013.

Peter had an affair with Tina McIntyre. She believed they would run off together, however, was heartbroken to find out Carla was pregnant. She ran off and was eventually murdered by Carla’s brother Rob Donovan who was engaged to Tracy Barlow.

Peter had an affair with Tina (Credit: ITV)

Peter told Carla about the affair and Carla sadly lost the baby.

In 2016 he began dating Toyah Battersby, Leanne’s sister. In 2018, Toyah and Peter’s surrogate miscarried their baby.

Peter and Toyah lost their baby (Credit: ITV)

Toyah didn’t tell Peter their surrogate had lost the baby as Eva Price was pregnant. Toyah had the idea for Eva to give birth in secret and pass the baby off as hers and Peter’s child.

The plan ended up falling through, and when Peter found out the truth he ended things with Toyah.

Susan Barlow

Peter’s twin sister Susan Barlow married Mike Baldwin in 1986.

Mike and Susan got married in 1986 (Credit: ITV)

Mike Baldwin had previously had an affair with Deirdre Barlow in 1983 which turned him and Ken into enemies. He was not happy when Susan decided to marry him.

A year after the couple married they split. Susan was pregnant but she told Mike she had terminated her pregnancy, However, she moved to Newcastle and gave birth to son Adam Barlow.

Susan kept Adam a secret from the Barlows until January 2001. Mike heard the news and demanded to see Adam. However she ran away with Adam, but a car accident killed her as she fled.

After a custody battle between Ken and Mike, Mike was granted custody of Adam. However, Adam was unhappy at his school so he got sent to boarding school in Glasgow.

Mike died in 2006.

Adam returned to the street a few times, even working in Underworld. He came back in 2016 a fully qualified solicitor.

Adam returned in 2016 (Credit: ITV)

Tracy Barlow

Although her biological father is Ray Langton, she was adopted by Ken and sees him as her real father.

Tracy Barlow as a baby! (Credit: ITV)

Tracy married Robert Preston in 1996 but the pair got divorced in 2003. The same year Tracy got pregnant and told everyone Roy Cropper was the father after she drugged him and convinced him they had slept together to win a bet with Shelley Unwin.

Willing to sell the baby to Roy and his partner Hayley as they always wanted a child.  Tracy and Roy actually got married to secure parental rights to Roy.

However Tracy later revealed Steve McDonald was the baby’s father.

Amy was born in 2004 and Tracy eventually decided to keep the baby.

Steve is Amy’s father (Credit: ITV)

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In 2006, Tracy moved in with boyfriend Charlie Stubbs who she actually murdered. She was found guilty of murder but was released four years later in 2010 after a mistrial was declared.

Tracy and Steve had another one-night stand and Tracy fell pregnant with twins. She lost the babies and when she then fell down Becky Granger’s stairs Tracy saw an opportunity to get revenge on Becky, who she hated, and told everyone she lost the babies because Becky pushed her.

However on Steve and Tracy’s wedding day in 2012, Becky came into the wedding party with Tracy’s medical records proving Tracy had miscarried before the incident with Becky.

This led to Tracy and Steve divorcing in 2013.

Becky proved her innocence (Credit: ITV)

She had a relationship with Rob Donovan in 2013, however he went to prison in 2014 for murdering Tina. She then began a relationship with her ex-husband, Robert Preston, however he ended things when he found out she had been visiting Rob in prison.

Tracy and Steve re-married in 2018. At the wedding Tracy punched Steve in the face as she found out Steve had had a one-night stand with Leanne Battersby (who is the mother of his child Oliver). They have rekindled their relationship, recently signing a contract made by Amy and Adam Barlow.

Amy is Tracy and Steve’s child (Credit: ITV)

Daniel Osbourne

The son of Ken Barlow and Denise Osbourne, Daniel was actually a twin. His twin passed away in the fifth month of pregnancy.

Ken was left off Daniel’s birth certificate meaning he had no parental rights and was left helpless when Denise ran away with Daniel.

Ken was able to track them down and the pair decided to give their relationship another go, but when Ken discovered Denise was having an affair, he kicked her out and left, leaving Ken with Daniel.

When Denise returned, Ken was forced to hand Daniel over to her as he had no legal rights, and she and Daniel left.

Ken had no contact with Daniel for years, however in 2007, Denise contacted Ken to offer her sympathy over Tracy’s conviction. He then learned she and Daniel lived not too far away. Ken had contact with Daniel on and off for years but didn’t open up about him to friends and family.

In 2016, Daniel began visiting Ken in hospital when he heard he had a stroke. Peter and Tracy, fed up of not knowing who this mystery visitor was stormed into the room. This was the first time they met their half brother and Adam met his uncle.

Tracy, Peter and Adam met Daniel for the first time (Credit: ITV)

Daniel has had an on and off relationship with Sinead Tinker. Eventually the pair got married having a pagan ceremony.

Sinead discovered she was pregnant however she began bleeding and it was revealed she had cervical cancer.

Daniel and Sinead got married (Credit: ITV)

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