Coronation Street fans in tears over Asha's self-hatred

Coronation Street fans in tears as Asha reveals badly scarred arm from skin bleach

Asha has told her dad what she thinks of her skin colour in the harrowing scenes

Coronation Street fans have been left in tears after Asha Alahan’s emotional breakdown over using skin lightning creams.

Teen Asha had been secretly trying to bleach her skin with the dangerous creams leaving her with scarring on her arms and painful skin.

Coronation Street fans in tears over Asha's self-hatred
Asha’s skin was badly burned from the dangerous creams (Credit: ITV)

But it was her self-loathing that she admitted to dad Dev that had viewers feeling emotional.

Opening up to her dad over why she had resorted to the illegal products, she said: “I’m horrible, disgusting, ugly… I hate what I see.

“I’ve learnt that I have to scrub my skin, keep out of the sun when I’m using it but my skin is still like dirt.”

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She added: “Everyone from Mumbai to Manchester uses it and it hurts. Really, really hurts and it burns and stings. But it’s worth it.

“The lighter my skin, the more successful I’ll be and I’ll be one of the pretty girls with the good jobs and the good looking boyfriends.

“You tell me that I’m beautiful but I’m not, I know what beautiful is but it’s not this. I’m ugly.”

Dev struggled to listen to his daughter tell him the depths of her problems, as did viewers who said it was “breaking their hearts”.

One said: “This storyline with Asha is breaking my heart. #CoronationStreet.”

A second said: “#coronationstreet Asha’s storyline is breaking my heart because I know it’s something so very real they happens daily.

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“Human beings bullied for the colour of their skin or made to feel ‘different’ because of it hope it raises awareness and people get help before they do this.”

A third praised actress Tanisha for her acting in the storyline: “Tanisha Gorey is fantastic as Asha Alahan, and that scene with Dev was heartbreaking. Beautifully written and performed. #Corrie #coronationstreet.”

Another added: “I’m a 70 years old grumpy man and I’m in tears at this skin lightening storyline absolutely terrible that she feels ashamed of her skin colour.”

One said: “Oh Asha. As a parent I’m in tears here. Beautiful girl. Why does she need to do that to feel beautiful?”

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