Sinead terminal cancer diagnosis

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Sinead told she’s only got weeks left to live

It's heartbreaking for the Osbourne family

It’s one devastating blow after another for Coronation Street‘s Sinead Osbourne at the moment and that pattern is set to continue next week when she gets more upsetting news.

Preview pictures posted to the show’s official website reveal Sinead only has weeks, rather than months, left to live.

The images show a surprise party for Bertie in the back yard of the Rovers, but the celebrations are cut short when Sinead and Daniel arrive with their news.

Sinead and Daniel terminal cancer diagnosis
Daniel and Sinead are facing blow after blow (Credit: ITV)

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Fighting back the tears as they hug their son, Sinead breaks the news to everyone that she will be dead within a matter of weeks.

It’s heartbreaking for the couple who were already struggling with the fact Sinead probably wouldn’t see Christmas or Bertie’s first birthday, but now they know she defintely won’t.

Sinead was first diagnosed with cervical cancer a year ago, but delayed treatment to save the life of her unborn baby.

Sinead started treatment after Bertie was born (Credit: ITV)

She opted for alternative therapies instead of chemotherapy, but when she realised her life was in danger she gave birth to Bertie early, in January, so she could start aggressive treatment as soon as possible.

The young mum finished the course earlier this year and things were looking positive.

Scan results in July showed her cancer was stable and showing no signs of spreading.

In July things looked good (Credit: ITV)

But sadly, as she was getting ready for her wedding to Daniel earlier this month, her auntie Beth found a lump on Sinead’s neck.

Although this time Sinead didn’t hide the secret from Daniel, she told him she didn’t want to think about it until the next day as she wanted one perfect day together before reality hit.

But when they visited the doctor the next day, reality really did hit when he told Sinead her cancer had spread to lymph nodes and liver and she only had months to live.

She started chemotherapy to stave the cancer off and give her a bit more time with her family, but it has been making her so unwell it’s left her with the agonising choice between quality of life or length of life.

Sinead found the lump on her wedding day (Credit: ITV)

After breaking the news to their family next week, the young couple go back to their flat where Sinead tells Daniel she’s sorry she has to leave him, but she knows Bertie will be in good hands.

It’s too much for Daniel, who has been trying to be strong all this time for his wife, and he breaks down in tears.

How will they get through this?

The young couple have been left completley devastated (Credit: ITV)

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Sinead’s final scenes are set to air in the coming weeks and her death will hit Daniel hard.

He’s been spotted filming scenes where Daniel collapses having overdosed on alcohol, and is even said to contemplate taking his own life.

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