Coronation Street SPOILERS: Sinead has just WEEKS to live

Sinead is facing her worst fear...

Next week sees Coronation Street’s Sinead facing yet more devastating news when she goes to see her oncologist.

Fans have been watching poor Sinead struggling to get her head around the fact she only has a few months left now that her cancer has spread.

Sinead and Daniel terminal cancer diagnosis
Sinead and Daniel’s worlds were shattered when they were told the cancer had spread (Credit: ITV)

But just when she thinks she has got months left with her family, next week sees her get the heartbreaking news that her latest round of treatment isn’t working.

As a newlywed Daniel and Sinead head back to the hospital for Sinead’s latest appointment with her oncologist, the pair are hopeful for a bit of good news.

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But when the doctor reveals that Sinead’s cancer isn’t responding to the treatment and that she now only has weeks left to live, their world is shattered all over again.

The pair face fresh heartache next week when they get more bad news (Credit: ITV)

Sinead is in a state of shock after learning that her time with her loved ones is even shorter than she imagined, and the pair head to Ken’s 80th birthday party overwhelmed with everything that is happening.

But it is only when they get to the party that Daniel reveals he and Beth have also arranged an early first birthday party for Bertie so that Sinead can be there for the celebrations.

Everyone is stunned when Sinead reveals she has just weeks left to live (Credit: ITV)

Sinead is touched with how thoughtful everyone is being and in the Rovers’ back yard she is forced to fight back tears, knowing she won’t be around for her son’s real first birthday celebrations in January.

As she struggles to get her head around what is happening, Sinead announces to her shocked family and friends that she now only has weeks left to live.

Ken and Bertie’s birthday parties don’t quite go to plan (Credit: ITV)

Everyone is understandably shattered by the news and Sinead worries that she has ruined Ken and Bertie’s celebrations.

But Ken won’t hear anything of it, and tells Daniel and Sinead his only concern is them.

As the terrified pair leave their loved ones to process the tragic news, they head home to spend some time together.

Sinead tells Daniel she is sorry she has to leave him (Credit: ITV)

At the flat Sinead tells Daniel how truly sorry she is that she has to leave him, but she knows that Bertie will be in safe hands.

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As the reality of what is happening comes crushing down on the pair, Daniel gives into his emotions and finally the tears he has been keeping inside come flooding out.

Daniel finally gives into his emotions (Credit: ITV)

Just how will this pair ever manage to say goodbye?

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