Coronation Street SPOILERS: Shona to die as she takes a turn for the worse?

More heartbreak for David

It looks like the death toll could yet rise after Christmas Day’s bloodbath on Coronation Street.

For anyone in a food coma, when it aired, a brief recap: Derek Milligan went on a drunken shooting spree on the cobbles after Gary Windass ruined his life by kidnapping him and forcing him to miss his children at Christmas.

Coronation Street fans slam 'miserable' Christmas bloodbath episode
Robert was killed during the episode which left viewers depressed (Credit: ITV)

The hour-long episode saw Robert die after being denied a chance of meeting his child by vengeful ex Michelle Connor’s scheming, while Shona was left fighting for her life in hospital.

Derek had stormed into the Rovers determined to kill Gary and tried to take everyone hostage.

“Where’s Gary Windass?” he demanded to know repeatedly before pulling the gun out that he had stolen from Gary’s shop.

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Forced into action, Gary tried to get Derek to give up the gun and let everyone go.

He told him: “I’ve seen guns like that before – it’s antique, decommissioned. It’s not going to fire so do us a favour and give it here. I was a soldier remember so I know guns.”

Turning around, Derek fired the gun through the window of the Rovers not realising Robert Preston was about to walk through it.

Coronation Street fans slam 'miserable' Christmas bloodbath episode
Derek’s drunken rampage left two dead and one fighting for her life (Credit: ITV)

Robert stumbled off bleeding heavily and trying to call for help but was left clutching the stuffed animal he had bought for his newborn baby son.

Inside the Rovers, Gary tried goading Derek into shooting Ali Neeson before drawing him out of the pub and towards the Winter Wonderland.

Coronation Street fans slam 'miserable' Christmas bloodbath episode
Shona was shot in the box she was hiding in (Credit: ITV)

Gary said: “Use it on him, I’ll have you before you can reload it. You’ll be doing me a favour, he’s after my girlfriend. He’s even more of a loser than you are.”

The pair ran off to the Winter Wonderland and fought where the gun went off and shot Shona who was hiding in a box.

Coronation Street fans slam 'miserable' Christmas bloodbath episode
Derek fell off the Helter Skelter to his death (Credit: ITV)

In the struggle Gary knocked Derek off the Helter Skelter and he plunged to his death on the cobbles.

Shona was then rushed to hospital where she would need an operation. She was sitting up and talking to David so at this point there didn’t seem much to fear.

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However, Shona’s life could still be in danger as in the Boxing Day episode she takes a turn for the worse.

She suddenly collapses in David’s arms as she is talking to him and the family.

Could David see history repeating itself, with the violent death of another wife?

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