Coronation Street SPOILERS: Roy’s brother dies

Roy's devastated when Richard passes away

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Roy Cropper is left heartbroken in next week’s Coronation Street when his brother Richard Lucas dies suddenly, and the cafe owner is left blaming himself.

Coronation Street fans have seen Roy connecting with the brother he didn’t even know he had, and the pair have struck up a brilliant friendship over the last few weeks.

Roy has been getting to know his long-lost brother over recent weeks (Credit: ITV)

However, tragedy is about to hit Roy when Richard, who is suffering with pulmonary fibrosis, dies suddenly next week.

The heartbreaking moment comes after Roy tells his niece Nina that he will look after Richard while she goes off to college.

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Desperate to give Nina some much-needed time off from her carer duties, Roy says he will wait in with Richard for his new carer to arrive.

Roy is horrified when Richard has a fall (Credit: ITV)

But when he gets a call from Aggie telling him that the freezer at the cafe is leaking, Richard persuades him to go and take a look.

Roy is reluctant to leave his brother alone, but once he gets to the cafe he calls him to check he is okay.

Richard reassures Roy he is fine, but as he ends the call he loses his balance and falls.

Roy keeps calling to make sure Richard is okay, but despite the fact he has fallen, Richard pretends to Roy he’s fine, not wanting to worry him.

The paramedics try to save Richard, but it is too late (Credit: ITV)

However, when Roy finally makes it back to the flat, he is horrified to find his brother passed out on the floor, and calls an ambulance.

Nina returns home as the paramedics fight to revive Richard, but sadly it is too late and he is pronounced dead.

Roy and Nina are both heartbroken by Richard’s death, and Roy insists that Nina shouldn’t be alone and invites her to come and stay with him.

Roy and Nina are both stunned by Richard’s sudden death (Credit: ITV)

However, when Carla later lets slip that Roy left Richard to go to the cafe, Nina is furious, blaming Roy for Richard dying alone and tells him she will never forgive him.

Roy is utterly bereft and vows to make amends with his niece, so he goes to visit her at the flat where she has barricaded herself in.

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As he opens up to her about his lonely childhood, Roy is relieved when she replies through the letterbox. Does this mean she has forgiven him?

Roy tries to make amends with his niece (Credit: ITV)

But the question remains whether Roy can ever forgive himself for Richard’s death.

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