Coronation Street SPOILERS: Robert arrested for MURDERING pregnant Vicky

Police given reason to believe angry he may be involved with her sudden disappearance

Robert Preston isn’t going to have a very joyful Christmas in Coronation Street this year.

New spoilers have revealed the chef will soon be arrested after his pregnant ex Vicky Jefferies goes missing – presumed MURDERED.

The police are given reason to believe an angry Robert may have had something to do with Vicky’s sudden disappearance.

It all begins when Michelle makes it clear to Robert that he must ensure Vicky goes nowhere near the church where the couple plan to wed.

Michelle kicks him out as her revenge is complete (Credit: ITV)

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Not realising Michelle is setting him up for both humiliation and financial ruin, he eagerly agrees.

Visiting the woman he kept strung along for months on end so he could have a baby, he asks her not to attend the ceremony but it all descends into a bit of a row.

Things get so heated that the neighbours hear shouting and screaming before an almighty crash and then eerie silence.

Robert then heads home and tells Michelle that Vicky definitely won’t be a problem and she won’t be showing her face at the wedding.

Robert is questioned by police over Vicky’s disappearance (Credit: ITV)

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Has he murdered Vicky to keep her quiet? It certainly begins to look that way…

Robert is left confused after the police interrogate him and begin to search his belongings after hearing of the row.

And he’s even more confused when they find Vicky’s blood in the back of his van as they demand to know where Vicky is and what he has done with her.

Things get even worse for Robert when Michelle reveals her endgame to him and with the backup of her adult sons kicks him out of the Bistro.

Has Robert lost everything? Where’s Vicky? Does Michelle have something to do with her disappearance?

Could the pair have teamed up to destroy Robert for good?

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