Coronation Street SPOILERS: Huge Nina and Roy storyline planned

A joint love of bats solidifies their bond

Fans of Coronation Street are loving the developing relationship between Roy and his niece, Nina – and are in for a treat over the next few weeks as their bond solidifies further.

When their mutual fascination and love of bats is revealed, the relationship between the two relatives improves dramatically.

Teenager Nina has been struggling after her dad, Richard Lucas, Roy’s long-lost brother, passed away after a long illness.

Nina has struggled to warm to Roy (Credit ITV)

When Roy tracked down his brother and found Nina caring for him, he took on her carer responsibilities and encouraged her to attend college.

However, when Roy left Richard for a short time without a carer while he went to fix a leaking fridge, and his brother subsequently died alone, Nina found it hard to forgive him.

We will see how he reacts when his friends at the Bat Society judge Nina for the way she dresses and how it will further solidify the bond.

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In recent episodes, Roy found that Nina was being targeted by bullies after he saw that her front door had been egged.

He encouraged Nina to come and stay with him, as he had promised his brother he would look after Nina should anything happen to him.

Nina at first refused, but once Roy discovered she’d been made homeless, she agreed to stay on his sofa.

According to reports, in upcoming storylines, Roy is surprised to discover that like him, Nina has a fascination with bats and would rather go bat watching with him than attend a gig.

Nina felt that she was better off on her own (Credit ITV)

As the pair begin to find common ground which helps to solidify their relationship and build a stronger bond, Roy will introduce his niece to his friends at the official bat society.

However, when they fail to take to Nina, Roy becomes defensive of his niece.

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It has been confirmed that over the next few weeks, viewers will start to see a lot more of Nina as her relationships with Roy and Carla are further explored.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing for Nina and Roy (Credit: ITV)

A source from the show told “We will see how he reacts when his friends at the Bat Society judge Nina for the way she dresses and how it will further solidify the bond.”

They continued: “She will also become somewhat of a social conscience for the street as she fights for what she believes in and we will also see her befriend Asha and support her with ongoing body image struggles.”

Will Nina and Roy’s love of bats be enough to unite them?

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