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Tuesday 25th February 2020

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Fiz Brown to be replaced?

Surely she's irreplaceable!?

She's one of the most beloved characters on Coronation Street, but Fiz Brown could see herself replaced in the coming weeks if she's not careful.

Her role in Weatherfield is currently in serious jeopardy by malevolent newcomer Jade Rowan, who appears to want to disrupt Fiz and Tyrone's domestic bliss.

Next week, Fiz gets a call from her mum who's had an accident (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers have been suspicious of Fiz's friend Jade ever since she first arrived in Weatherfield in September.

The creepy live-in tutor turned up from Birmingham, where she had seemingly met Fiz and her daughter Hope.

Cynical Evelyn was quick to realise that something wasn't right with Jade, but Fiz just won't listen to her...

Jade changed Hope's drawing to make it menacing towards Fiz (Credit: ITV)

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Instead Jade has moved into the family home and is helping Hope keep up while she's not attending a school.

With her feet under the table, soap fans have been disturbed to see Jade behaving in a sinister manner - including altering one of Hope's drawings to show what appeared to be Fiz next to the words: "And then you die."

Fans are now convinced Jade isn't just a random woman Fiz met, and instead is hiding a huge secret - that she is John Stape's sister come to introduce Hope into the family murdering business.

John Stape was Corrie's killer way before Pat Phelan showed up (Credit: ITV)

John was a mild-mannered teacher until he covered up the death of Colin Fishwick and quickly moved on to killing his colleague and Colin's own mother.

He ended up having Rosie Webster tied up in his country house and died when Kevin hunted him in a daring car chase to save his daughter.

Now Jade, whether she is any relation to John or not, is about to step up her own masterplan against Fiz.

Next week, Fiz takes a call from her mum who reveals she's had an accident and is currently in hospital.

What do you think Jade is up to? (Credit: ITV)

Jade quickly assures Fiz that she’ll look after the girls while she goes to visit her poorly mum...

Fiz's absence will leave the door open for Jade - played by Lottie Henshall - to get her claws well and truly into Tyrone and replace Fiz as the mother-figure of the family.

Fans will be left seething as Jade cooks Tyrone and Evelyn a meal to spend some time with them, before giving him a present of a dart board...

Sensing danger, Evelyn tries to set Jade up with neighbour Michael but she's not interested.

Has she set her heart on Tyrone? And what IS her vendetta against Fiz?

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